Fred Is Sad

Fred is in dire need of grooming.

I’ve been doing my best to brush his long fur each night.

But, I admit, it’s not easy to brush him for any length of time with my left hand.

(And, I absolutely can’t trim him with one hand.)

Fred’s headed to the groomer for a full bath, and trim.

He’s not very excited about leaving me for most of the day.

I just can’t bare to look at his scraggly, scruffy, ears one more day.

Fred © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

Fred feels despondent at the thought of leaving me.

I know, when he comes home he’ll be prancing around proudly.

He’ll hold his head high, puff out his chest, and walk with a Newfie swagger.

Fred always knows when he’s looking sharp!

6 Responses to “Fred Is Sad”

  1. Michelle

    Fred looks like my Cassie (an English Cocker Spaniel) when I’m leaving. And he will probably respond the same way once he’s home and clipped, just like Cassie (though my groomer comes here).

    • Suzanne

      Lucky you having a groomer who will come to the house!

  2. Elaine Tyler

    How I wish I lived closer so that when you leave town, I could babysit Fred or at least come over to cheer him up from time to time. Me, who has cherished my dog-free life for many years now, would take a Fred in a New York minute!!

  3. Julie

    Aww, Hi Fred! I too am sad so I should go get myself pampered too!!


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