My Not-Normal Life

Woo hoo – El Nino weather patterns have arrived as predicted.

I live in a canyon in the foothills of a mountain.

Clouds get “stuck” here and we get a lot more rain than other areas of Orange County.

Yesterday, my neighborhood was on flash flood warnings all day.

Buckets and buckets of rain fell.

Fred LOVED the rain.

Fred even helped “the pool guy” clean the pool in the middle of the downpour.

I admit, I enjoyed having a rainy day.

(After all, we haven’t had rain for three or four years!)

But, one day of rain is probably enough.

Where’s my sunshine?

I drove to Newport Beach yesterday to pick up MRI reports.

It wasn’t raining there … even though it was POURING by “my” mountain.

I don’t fully understand what the MRI reports say, but this much of it I do understand:

•  I have a tear in a tendon in my elbow.  (THAT’S WHY IT HURTS!!)

•  I have a messed up shoulder.  (Duh!!)

I think the elbow tendon tear is what has put me over the edge these last several weeks.

If my arm worked correctly, I most likely wouldn’t have torn my elbow tendon.

But, my elbow was trying to do the job of my shoulder and couldn’t withstand the stress/trauma.

So now my elbow is messed up also.

I asked Google if my elbow is fixable and I got answers.

Google thinks my elbow needs surgery.

But, Google isn’t always right.

I’ll ask a real live doctor (or three) for an opinion also – as soon as I get a chance.

(My entire life seems to be filled with MRIs, doctors, physical therapy, etc. lately!)

Drastically changing subjects,

The local coyotes have become SUPER aggressive in recent months.

Fred is not having it.

Fred “guards” my backyard fiercely each night.

Coyotes have been, literally, a few inches away from Fred.

Two nights ago I heard Fred growl the most ferocious growl I’ve ever heard a dog make.

There was a coyote maybe five inches away (on the other side of my wrought iron fence) howling at Fred.

Fred barked and growled super-ferociously again.

Fred has a very deep, low, voice.

The coyote went away.

Fred always seems to be the sweetest, most gentle, giant.

I didn’t think Fred even had it in him to act like such a tough guy.

But honestly, if I heard a dog growl at me the way Fred growled at that coyote?

I’d be terrified.

6 Responses to “My Not-Normal Life”

  1. Denise

    It’s good to have a watchdog that’s nice unless you need him to be fierce. The rain was so nice but I fear the worst is yet to come, especially for your area and up north. Stay safe!

    • Suzanne

      Yep, the storms have only just begun!
      I’m already tired of rain!
      : )

  2. Missy Stalcup

    Suzanne I encountered coyotes twice last week while walking Jake. He knew there was something close by and thankfully I picked up on his behavior. One of them just stood and stared at us not even scarred. I scooped Jake up and went home! I am on higher alert now especially with Lambchop-she’s only 13 pounds! Hopefully your elbow tendon is repairable! Feel better.

    • Suzanne

      The coyotes are out in the day and night now … no longer just the night.
      And, I’ve never seen them as aggressive as they have been this year.
      It’s kind of scary.

  3. Mj

    I love, love, love this rain! I will be making a trip to see the beautiful ‘green’ hills on Highway 46 near Paso Robles probably next month or March.
    The coyote most likely confused Fred for a bear. LOL! I sure hope your tendon heals before New Zealand.

    • Suzanne

      There was a year in my life when I had to drive 46 every other week …
      I remember it vividly.
      I hope you have nice weather for your trip!


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