True Story

 I saw Doctor #3 yesterday.  Three different surgeons so far … and three different opinions.  They all seem to agree my arm is really messed up (“complex,”  “complicated,”  “several areas need addressing,”) and needs surgery.  The details?  They don’t agree on.  In truth, it has confused me MORE by talking to several doctors.  I thought they’d agreed on stuff and make my decision process EASIER.

 I apologize for not posting any Fred photos lately.  I’ve been running all over Southern California for the four MRI appointments, doctor visits, etc.  I’ve also been trying to rest my camera arm because the doctor examinations leave me sore for days.

 Fred, however, is wonderful and sweet.  He’s a giant teddy bear and sometimes I lay down on the floor and cuddle him.  He LOVES it!  He, intuitively, senses the problem with my arm.  He will lightly rub his muzzle against the most painful areas, and sometimes “kiss” those spots on my arm.  Fred is a love.

 My son left last Saturday.  The Thursday prior to his leaving, my fourteen year old refrigerator broke.  I didn’t have a break in my schedule to shop for a new one until after my son left.  (It would have cost way more than the old refrigerator was worth to fix it.)  Anyway, I got a new, shiny, refrigerator early Saturday evening.  I managed to get to the grocery store by Monday so it actually has something in it now.  Yes, my life is out of control right now – how can you tell?

•  I’ve been taking my Hobonichi with me as I sit in waiting rooms.  I’ve done some small sketches.  In the evenings, if I have time, I pull out my watercolor paints and paint the sketches.  I was gifted a few half pans of Daniel Smith watercolor paints and they’re stunning.  I’m not anything close to an artist, and I don’t intend to buy a bunch of artist grade paints.  But??  They’re visually delicious paints and I can see why people love them.  Gorgeous!

•  How does a person pack for a trip that includes hot beaches, glaciers, rain forest, snow, and tropical boating adventures?  I need to begin thinking about that sometime soon.  Oh yeah, I also need to pack a carry-on bag to sustain me during a fourteen hour flight each way.  Yikes!

•  I was saddened to hear of David Bowie’s death.  His music has always been there ... somewhere.  I was taken by surprise by my own sense of sadness.  I guess I associate his music with high school parties/my youth/or some other sort of mumbo jumbo?  Anyway, the world lost a big talent and that’s always a sad thing.

•  I was recently surprised with second row tickets to a Ducks hockey game.  It was lots of fun to sit so close!  It was a great game.  I think hockey is always exciting … lots of action!

•  In approximately one hour, I read The CrossRoads of Should and Must by Elle Luna.  It was a quick, easy, inspiring, read.  It’s a book I would definitely recommend to creatives … or, really, anyone who feels passionate about anything in life.  I know it’s a book I’ll pick up and reread now and then.


Fred and I will work on getting a few photos of him soon for you.

They might just be iPhone photos, but I’m sure he’ll still smile for the camera!


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