What I’m Thinking About Lately

I’m SO busy right now.

There’s a lot I need to do before I begin traveling.

And …

There’s even more I need to do prior to surgery.

I know I’ll never get it *all* done, but that doesn’t stop me from stressing about it.

(Will I get the silverware drawer cleaned out before my surgery?  I DOUBT IT!!)

Do you use packing cubes when you travel?

I never have before, but I’m going to use them for my trip to New Zealand.

Everyone tells me I’ll experience “four seasons per hour” in New Zealand.

I find four seasons very difficult to pack for.

Maybe I’ll have a packing cube for each season?

One with beach/bathing suit/short type things.

Another for the snow.

Another for rain.

And one for “normal” weather and evening clothes?

It doesn’t help that I’ll be traveling all over the country and, therefore, in several different micro-climates.

I’ve actually purchased a raincoat.


I’ve also purchased a “compression packing cube” to smash the raincoat  down to a pancake (??) in an attempt to fit it in my suitcase.

Oh, and all the camera/tech GEAR is such a pain.

There are no words to convey how I agonize over what gear to take, how to transport it, how to keep it dry when the rain pours down, etc., etc.

(All of the gear-tech-stuff is made MUCH more complicated by one-arm-ness existence!)

In the meantime, every night lately, I’ve been watching episodes of Jane The Virgin.

Have you watched it?

If you’re male, you probably wouldn’t like it at all.

It’s very girl-oriented and it’s very corny humor.

It’s really a weird show, but I find myself laughing out loud at every episode.

I’m hooked!

(I can’t ever do ONE thing at a time, so I make lists of all my travel to dos while I watch!)

If you have any good TV/movie/book suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

I’ve got eons of air travel ahead of me and I’m looking for ways to keep myself entertained!

2 Responses to “What I’m Thinking About Lately”

  1. Jenny

    Any chance you can rent some of the camera equipment once you land? Just a thought. I’m exhausted just thinking about the travel portion of your trip and trying to get all your items in luggage, etc..

    I do hope you have a great time and accomplish all that you need to while you are away.

  2. Debby

    I loved the Affair on Showtime. Just finished season 2. Also I’m reading 1963 by Steven King. Not usually a fan of his but this is very good. I hope you have a great trip!


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