My Camera Bag

Let’s be honest, I own forty bazillion camera bags.

Different situations call for different bags.

I had a difficult time deciding what bag I’d be shooting out of while I’m in New Zealand.

In the end, I knew I didn’t want to haul an immense amount of weight with me everywhere I go.

I decided to transport my gear in my ThinkTank airport roller.

(I have many styles of ThinkTank Photo bags.)

The roller is excellent for transporting lots of gear around – especially when traveling by air.

But, which smaller bag would I want to use once I’m in New Zealand and shooting all day?

I was agonizing over making the “right” choice.

I emailed ThinkTank Photo and told them I was in search of the perfect “daily shooting bag” for New Zealand.

They surprised me by offering to send me a bag, of my choice, for free.

It didn’t take me long (maybe two seconds?) to tell them I’d love to take their new bag, Mezzo, with me to New Zealand.

Each day, I’ll take just what I need for that day out of my airport roller, put it in the Mezzo, and shoot for hours.

TT Mezzo 1 © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

ThinkTank Photo Mezzo Camera Bag (flap open) – Designed for women, by women.

The Mezzo is the medium sized bag of ThinkTank’s Lily Deanne series of bags.

The line was developed by women for women photographers.

The smallest bag in this line is called the Lucido.  I love the small size of the Lucido, but for what (and how) I shoot it would be too small.

The largest bag in the Lily Deanne line is called the Tutto.

Based on how I shoot/travel the Tutto would be near-perfect … except, fully loaded, it would be staggeringly heavy.

I am a one-working-arm photographer.

A fully loaded, staggeringly heavy, camera bag is not an option.

The Mezzo, therefore, seems perfect as a daily carry around bag.

(I usually have my camera out of my bag, anyway, so it provides plenty of room for all my essentials.)

All of my gear is “pro” sized gear and the Mezzo is big enough to handle it.

The three styles of Lily Deanne bags come in black (licorice) and/or brown (chestnut).

I’m really tired of black camera bags, so mine is chestnut.

Let me tell you what I love about this bag …


Finally, someone really put some thought into the details!

For instance, the exterior side pockets are expandable so I can keep a water bottle with me in one of them, and my sunglasses in the other.

(I always need water when I’m working because I’m *that* photographer … the one hiking, climbing, hanging upside down, etc!)


The zip opening at the top of the bag is secure when closed and very WIDE and easy to access when unzipped.

So much less fumbling around!

The robin egg blue interior is brilliant.

TT Mezzo 2 © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

I love the wide bag opening, and the bright Mezzo interior!

Why do most bags have black and/or dark interiors?

The bright interior of the Mezzo makes it so easy to spot lens caps, etc!

I realize a lot of female hobby-ist photographers like the girly/blingy bags which are available.

But, guess what?

I’m not them.

I need a professional looking bag that looks classy, is tough enough to handle REALLY hard work, and nice enough to have around corporate clients.

The Mezzo is a chic, very professional, bag.

It’s also a very comfortable bag to carry which counts for a lot when you’re shooting for hours at a time.

(I wear mine crossbody, of course, due to my bum arm!)

I won’t purchase/use camera bags that scream, “I’m a camera bag, why don’t you steal me?”

Bonus points for the Mezzo?

There’s an outer flap over the top of the bag.

It folds all the way back to get out of your way when you don’t want it – as seen in my above photo.

And, it secures with quiet, magnetic closures.

(No loud velcro screaming every time you reach for something!)

There’s a zippered interior pocket to keep your wallet/passport/keys extra secure.

The Mezzo also comes with a custom rain cover – which will be essential in New Zealand.

All ThinkTank bags come with extra dividers so you can customize them to your particular gear/needs.

There’s a large pocket on the back of the bag where I can store model releases and/or a magazine while traveling.

Also, very important for me, the Mezzo has a back slide/pass-through pocket, so I can slide my Mezzo onto my roller bag/suitcase for easy carrying while traveling.

(Saving arms and shoulders?  Priceless!)

A few other nice details include an interior padded cell phone pocket and plenty of room for storing memory cards, personal items, and small gear-related items.

Yes, there’s even an interior, padded, area for an iPad/tablet.

(I think I’ll be storing my travel journal in it!)

A very small detail, but a NICE one, is the attractive contrast stitching (in the same robin’s egg blue of the bag’s interior).

My new Mezzo is a gorgeous, very functional, bag with well thought out details.

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  1. Julieanne

    Wow that’s nice! And so cool that they sent it to you for free! Hubby has a ThinkTank bag which he got in SF, I picked up my ‘girly’ bag at the same time which is a Kelly Moore hobo from memory. I’m excited for you that your trip’s fast approaching! 😀


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