New Zealand

I’m back from New Zealand!

New Zealand  —  Queenstown Sunset

Are any of you still out there in cyber-land?

Or, did you all give up on me?

I had the best-imaginable, three week, trip.

Of course, I’ve come back to total chaos and a lot of catch-up work to do.

First of all, Fred is FINE.

In fact, Fred is great.

Fred is his same, old, teenage-attitude, self.

The Newf © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

“Why are you accusing me of digging?  If there was any digging, it was definitely done by the neighbor’s cat!”

I missed Fred a lot while I was gone.

We’re happy to be back together again.

Fred covered me in thousands of kisses and lots of dog slobber when we were reunited.

I’ll write more detailed accounts in upcoming posts.

But, for today, here’s a little general information.

•  I had a fantastic time.

•  I took over 8,000 photos.  (I did end up taking two pro-camera bodies with me and I’m glad I did.)

•  Some of my trip was for fun and some of it was work.  (Did I mention … eight thousand photos?!)

•  It rains a lot in New Zealand … even in summer.

•  I fell in love with the natural beauty of the South Island and it looks like I’ll be doing some ongoing work there.  (Arm permitting!)

•  My arm is terrible … but, we all knew THAT would happen.  (The second half of the trip got a little rough pain-wise.)

•  Very nice Kiwis were shoving delicious food and drinks down my throat the entire time I was there.  (I’m on an emergency diet now that I’m home.)

•  I walked and hiked (and walked and hiked some more!) while I was in New Zealand.  It’s a VERY outdoorsy country!

•  I have approximately two and a half weeks until I have surgery on my arm.  I have a ton of pre-op appointments, and an out of state trip, that need to all happen during that time period.

•  I will be blogging again, but not daily.  (I keep telling myself I’ll have lots of time to blog post-surgery, right?)

•  I’ll be providing New Zealand stories and details very soon in upcoming posts!

14 Responses to “New Zealand”

  1. Jenny

    Yay! Welcome home! Good to hear you were able to enjoy the trip and get the work done that you were hoping to do.


  2. Julieanne

    I’m still here!! 🙂 saw some of your awesome pix on your insta!! Glad you’re home safe & that you had fun! Xx

    • Suzanne

      Thank you! Thought of you a lot while I was traveling about!

  3. Cathy B. in Toronto

    Glad to hear your trip was great, can’t wait for updates!

  4. gina

    So glad you’re home safe & sound! Anxiously awaiting Fred and trip news, but take care of YOURSELF first:)

  5. Judi

    Welcome home!! It was great to follow your trip on Instagram – such amazing photos, I imagine it was even more stunning in person. Hope jet lag doesn’t hit too badly and you are able to settle back in with Fred and the family.

  6. Missy Stalcup

    Welcome home! The photos are amazing and the experience must have been beyond!

  7. Michelle

    Welcome home. I look forward to seeing more of your trip. BUT remember to breathe and do what needs to be done. And breathe!! 🙂

  8. Linda Tustin

    Welcome back!!! I am super excited and I feel privileged to know about your blog- and now I’ll get to experience New Zealand vicariously through you! Did I say welcome back??


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