Life As It Is

I thought I’d break up the New Zealand posts with a short (more current) update.

Since I’ve been back from New Zealand, I’ve been very busy.

I’ve been working like a maniac because I won’t be able to work for quite awhile post-surgery.

I’m exhausted, but I keep telling myself I’ll have plenty of time to “relax” when my right arm is in a sling, I’m not allowed to travel and/or drive, and pain medication is making me groggy.

In the meantime, I can’t seem to get enough done, no matter how hard I try.

I’m absolutely dreading losing use of my right hand.

Last Wednesday I flew to Oregon to visit my parents.

I got home Sunday night.

The visit was great and very overdue … Oregon is such a beautiful state.

In my post-New-Zealand days at home, I’ve had more than just work to keep me occupied.

I’ve had a pre-op physical done, a pre-op EKG done, and (at a different location) a pre-op chest x-ray done.

I could not lift my right arm over my head for the chest x-ray and the technician was very disappointed.


Because I’m a “melanoma survivor” I also have a dermatologist do full body skin checks on me four times a year.

I recently had this done, and on Monday I followed up by having an “abnormal” mole removed.

So, yes, now I have four stitches in my right leg.

Isn’t my life FUN??

I’d like to suggest to ALL of you to please get a full body skin check at least once a year.

People assume they don’t need to do it, they’re bullet proof, they’re too busy, etc.

And …?

That’s why so many people die from skin cancer.

Today, I’m meeting with my arm surgeon one last time.

I’m hoping to convince him to fix both my elbow and shoulder in ONE surgery vs. two.

I’ve been told he probably won’t do this for a multitude of medical/doctor reasons.

But, I’m going to try anyway because I’ve been a mess since the INCIDENT in November.

I just want as much fixed as can be fixed, and (more importantly!) to get the whole thing over with.

I’ve also been *attempting* to lose some weight.

I think I’ve lost 5-6 pounds since I got back in the United States.

I’m very health-focused right now.

I feel like I’ve lost my way with all the pain I’ve been in these past few months.

It’s time to get my life, and health, back on track.

Of course, I’m always Fred-focused.

Fred and I have been having big snuggle-fests lately.

He’s been taking full advantage of the guilt I feel when I leave him.

I’ve been spoiling him rotten and he LOVES it.

Fred The Newf – Feeling happy on a recent rainy day!

I’m also rushing against the clock to get my New Zealand travel journal completed and put together before I “lose” my right hand/arm post-surgery.

I kept a journal each day I was traveling.

I’m now adding in tickets/receipts/memorabilia.

I’m almost done with it …

And, I’m determined to complete it before my surgery.

I think I have six more days to get things done?

In any case, tomorrow’s post will be another New Zealand update!


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