New Zealand, Part III: More Bay of Islands

Due to weather conditions, I found myself on a popular, somewhat crowded, tour boat one afternoon in Bay of Islands.

Everyone else had rushed on board to find the “best” seats.

I took my time and climbed the stairs to the outdoor, top, deck.

I didn’t take a seat.

Instead, I stood in the far back corner of the deck – behind the last row of seats.

I had a slight advantage over most of the other tour members.

I’ve grown up with the ocean and sea life.

I knew we’d come across at least a few dolphins.

And, I know dolphins LOVE to play in the wake created by boats.

I ignored the odd looks from a few of the seated tourists.

(“Why is that woman standing in the back corner of the boat with that huge camera?”)

The weather for the afternoon was less than ideal.

There were very high winds.

Most of the time the sky was overcast.

Occasionally, pretty blue sky would break through the clouds.

And, yes, there was also occasional rain … just in case wind and humidity weren’t quite enough to make me look my prettiest.

But, it wasn’t long until I spotted company alongside the boat.

A dolphin swimming alongside the boat.

An entire pod of dolphins had come to greet us.

I’ve been around dolphins my entire life, but THESE dolphins could really jump high!

A dolphin leaps for joy in the wake of our boat.

I was expecting the dolphins, and I had my camera settings ready for them long before they appeared.

However, even I was surprised when one dolphin jumped SUPER high and directly at me.

I honestly think I could have touched him if I hadn’t had my camera in my hands.

The dolphin shot of a lifetime!

My entire day was made by photographing the dolphins.

But, my day was not OVER.

The boat tour had just begun.

As it continued, I was treated to some beautiful scenery.

“Hole in the Rock” is a famous boat touring spot in Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

At one point, the boat docked and we were given some time to explore one of the many islands.

Several of us decided to hike to the top of the island and take in the amazing view.

View from the top of Urupukapuka Island, New Zealand

It ended up being a great afternoon.

A “tourist boat trip” hadn’t been my first choice for the day.

But, I was glad I went, and happy with the sights and shooting opportunities.

I wish I had been shooting under better weather conditions, but it was a great day, regardless.

(New Zealand travel stories to be continued ….)

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