Hello again!

I’ll have another New Zealand post published for you on Monday.

I’m in Oregon right now visiting my parents.

I had planned to visit them early last fall, but I was sidelined by some urgent family business.

Then, I re-injured my arm in November.

Next, came the holidays.

After that, it was a mad rush to prepare for, and journey to, New Zealand.

Now, I’m facing a big surgery in twelve days.

There’s never a “good” time to take a few days off, is there?

My doctor won’t allow me to travel for quite awhile post-surgery.

And so, that’s how I ended up traveling to Oregon THIS week.

I admit, I’m a little tired of living out of a suitcase.

And, it broke my heart in two to leave Fred again.

(He’s with family members and in the best of hands.)

But, I know I’ll be home 24/7 for a long, long, time post-surgery.

(Fred knows it too …. I told him!)

In any case, I’ll have the next New Zealand post up for you on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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