Things I Hope To Do Again Someday

I’ve accomplished a lot, with one working arm, over the last nine and a half years.

Still, there are many, many, things I’ve missed being able to do.

I was terrified of this last surgery.

To get through it, I tried to concentrate on all the things I *might* be able to do again.

(It remains to be seen how much function I’ll regain, but I’m very hopeful.)

I still have one more arm (elbow tendon) repair ahead of me, but my thoughts are focused on where I hope to be a year down the road.

I’d like to be able to:

•  Take photos without it hurting to do so.

•  Take a yoga class.

•  Take almost *any* type of exercise class and know I’d be able to fully participate.

•  Wrap gifts.

•  Put things on a shelf above my head.

•  Wear a purse on my right shoulder.

•  Carry things using my right hand and arm.

•  Play tennis … just for fun, not seriously.

•  Put a carry-on bag in the “overhead bins” when I travel by air.

•  Sleep on my right side … it used to be my favorite sleeping position.

•  Garden.  Oh, how I miss being a small-time gardener!  (Flowers!  Herbs!  Veggies!)

•  Cook.  I used to be a very good cook.  But, since the accident, I only make easy, non-arm-intense, things.  Cutting, chopping, a lot of stirring … those activities take arm power!

•  Clean.  I know, you’re thinking who wants to CLEAN?  But, it’s so difficult for me to do things like clean out my garage/cupboards/closets/etc.  There are days I can’t stand my own home.  A lot of the big project house stuff just doesn’t get done when you only have your non-dominant arm to work with.

•  Hug people with both arms!!

The list could be endless, but these are the things which come to mind first.

I’ll continue to remind myself of my many hoped-for goals if I get discouraged with the recovery process.

2 Responses to “Things I Hope To Do Again Someday”

  1. Pamela Wade

    You’ve had a rough time but I think you should also consider how much you’ve accomplished in that time. Huge numbers of blog followers, a career as a successful photographer, not succumbing to bitterness… It’s very inspiring. Plus, you’ve met Fred! (And got to New Zealand – which, as Kiwi, I have to count as a real achievement…)


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