Yay! It’s THURSDAY!!

I’m so happy it’s finally Thursday!

This morning, I’m going to take a “fake” shower.

Fake showers take a lot longer than you’d think!

Then, I’m getting dropped off with my wonderful hair person.

She’ll make me presentable and I’ll feel human again!

Tonight, my youngest son arrives home from college for the holiday weekend.


Fred usually goes with me to the airport to pick up friends and/or family.

Everyone loves to be greeted by Fred  . . . and Fred loves it too.

You can probably imagine the stir a GIGANTIC, furry, creature makes in a public place like that.

Tomorrow, Friday, I’ll be up in Los Angeles most of the day for a post-op visit with my doctor.

I’ll be getting my stitches out … yay again!

I probably won’t have another post written until next Monday or Tuesday.

All three of my kids will be here by Saturday, and I’ll be busy enjoying their visit.

(I feel so guilty I can’t cook for them.  They’re going to have to cook for ME this time!)

Fred went to the groomer yesterday.

He’s SO handsome and smells wonderful.

Fred’s ready to see “his” kids.

(I’d share a Fred photo, but I can’t even take phone photos yet.)

Fred had a very scary encounter with a coyote the other night.

Fred and the coyote were separated by two inches of wrought iron fence.

The coyote howled and screeched at Fred.

Fred, bravely, stood face to face with the coyote and barked his DEEP sounding bark ferociously.

As soon as I heard the commotion, I was out the door trying to “save” Fred.

Fred didn’t want to budge one inch.

Fred was MAD at the coyote for getting near “his” home, and Fred had no intention of backing down.

(Newfies can be QUITE stubborn!)

The coyote, however, was startled to see me running towards them (frantically, arm in a bulky sling!) and ran away.

It was really something.

I’ve lived here for many years and I’ve had dogs nearly the entire time.

The coyotes have always been around, but I’ve never seen anything like THAT before.


Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Next time I write, I’ll be stitches-free, I’ll be able to take “real” showers, and I’ll have had a chance to hug all three of my kids with my one working arm.

I’m so GLAD to have the first ten post-op days behind me!

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  1. Missy Stalcup

    Enjoy your hair appointment. Rejuvenating!


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