And, The Latest …

A lot of *stuff* is going on in my life right now.

And, I’m going to blog about a lot of it.

I don’t intend to bore you with post after post about my arm.


I’m pretty sure Paul Newman is even MORE excited than I am about my arm.

He’s the one who pushed me (for around three years?) to risk one more surgery.

(Ten surgeries just sounds better than nine surgeries?)

He’s now floating around on a cloud of happiness/excitement when he works with me.

“Look!” he exclaims.  “Look how far I can move your arm ALREADY!!”

I glance at my arm.

“Oh, look what you’re doing!” I answer.  “I didn’t realize because I didn’t FEEL ANY PAIN!”

And then we giggle like school children.

Giddy with joy?


After a joyful PT session yesterday morning,

I drove up to L.A. to see Dr. Yoon (often referred to as “The Guru” or “Dr. Guru”) with Kerlan Jobe.

He was awesome.

(Hindsight:  Why didn’t I travel up to L.A. and go to Kerlan Jobe right after the car accident??)

After reviewing all my records, Dr. Yoon informed me my elbow (tendon) tear will not heal on its own.

I was worried he’d suggest waiting until my shoulder is recovered prior to addressing my elbow.

But, instead, he and I were like-minded.

He wants to work on my elbow as soon as possible so it can be healing at the same time as my shoulder.

It will not be easy for me to manage two incapacitated body parts at the same time.


It will make the rehabilitation process shorter if I’m doing two body parts almost-simultaneously rather than consecutively.

Today, I’ll be working with his assistant to get all the insurance approvals, etc. so we can get the procedure booked as soon as possible.

What will he be doing to me?

He’ll make a relatively small incision near my elbow and then go in and take out the torn/damaged parts of the tendon.

I imagine it will be pretty painful for the first several days afterwards.

I believe I’ll be immobilized for about six weeks, but Paul Newman will still be able to work with my shoulder.

Yes, I’ll have two body parts for him to work on … which means I’ll be pretty much living at PT for awhile.

Maybe I’ll just keep a spare toothbrush there?

Dr. Yoon told me it will take quite awhile to heal … months.

But, my shoulder will take months too.

I guess, 2016 is the year when I’ll get my entire disaster of an arm as improved as it can be.

When will I be able to shoot?

Well, that depends.

I’m using my Sony point and shoot camera for casual/fun/Fred photos right now.

I might not be able to use even that for a couple weeks post-elbow?

I need to be cleared for approximately 5 pounds of weight before I can use my Canon with some of my smaller lenses.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly when that will be.

I’m hoping to be cleared for light shooting by summer.

From the day I scheduled Surgery #10, I’ve hoped to be shooting (at a reduced level) by summer.

It seems so far away.

How can I possibly make it that long?

But, then I remind myself, what’s happening right now is LIFE CHANGING.

It’s a classic case of short term pain for long term gain.

I can do it.

It’s already SO worth it.

My new life motto is:

Patience, patience, patience!

8 Responses to “And, The Latest …”

  1. Michelle

    So excited for you!! And I guess having two surgeries recovering at the same time makes a lot of sense – you won’t be just starting to get mobile and then be immobilised again.

    And tendons in the elbow can take up to 18 months to heal. Though… saying that, my husband’s elbow tendon is doing REALLY well after six months. Not perfect, but he said I could arm wrestle him now without fear of hurting him.

    Praying all goes well and smoothly with insurance so that you can get in as soon as possible and get fixed!!! 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      Yep, I just want to get everything over with so I’m moving forward!

  2. Mj

    I can certainly hear the enthusiasm in your post today and I am so happy that in time your arm will be so much better than what it was! Hooray for doctors and PTs that actually know what they are doing and are committed to helping people such as yourself.

    • Suzanne

      I realize my case was very complex, but …!
      It’s so nice to be with doctors who see the worst of the worst and know how to handle those situations. Very refreshing.

  3. gina

    I know it sounds strange to be excited about surgeries, but I’m SO hoping that these procedures make you the best that you can be!!! Here’s to 2016…..the year of healing.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      I think it is definitely going to help me live a much more enjoyable, happier, life.
      It’s a good thing even if it is a difficult process!


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