Ho Hum!

On Friday I’ll be seeing my surgeon up in Los Angeles.

It will be my Not Quite Six Week, But Almost Six Week Check-Up.

I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I’m hoping I’ll be told I don’t need my sling anymore.

I’m also hoping he clears me to see his doctor-friend-colleague regarding the tendon tear in my elbow.

(Yes, my elbow still REALLY hurts and it keeps locking up and getting “stuck!”)

I have some angst over having my elbow fixed, but I’ve got the biggest surgery behind me now.

I need to just power through and get the rest taken care of (as soon as possible!) so I can get back to work.

The other day I asked Paul Newman if he will miss me once I’m all better.

After all, he’s been seeing me for YEARS now and I’m pretty sure he’s gotten VERY attached to  me  my antics.

(OK, maybe not?!)

Paul Newman, however, tells me he doesn’t think I’m going  away ever  anywhere very soon.


In the meantime, I continue to play with paint, pencils, crayon and other kindergarten type things.

The fun thing about Mixed Media, is there really is no “wrong way” to play.

AJFlowers © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

Mixed Media Pages In My Art Journal

On the art journal pages shown in the above photo, I painted some flowers in a coloring book with watercolors and then cut them out.

The background was done with Neocolors, stamps, ink, and some acrylic paint.

Black twine makes the stems on the flowers.

(Oh, and the snail was done in colored pencil.)

I also worked on another “background” recently.

I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing on top of it as a focal point, but I do like how the background turned out.

AJCircles © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

Background Page for Mixed Media Art Journal.

The above background is an old dictionary page which I tore out.

The circles were painted with varying colors of acrylic – and they were painted “sloppy” intentionally.

I left it out in the hot sun to dry which yellowed the paper … making the dictionary page look even older than it is.

I’ll adhere the page to a journal page.

Eventually, I’ll hopefully come up with a good focal point to create on top of it.

I work that way in my art journal a lot.

Some days I just play with backgrounds.

It might be a month later before I come back and paint a focal point.

Details might be added even later.

I don’t ever seem to do a page start to finish in one sitting.

My art play just evolves organically.

Did I mention my house is a total disaster right now?

On my kitchen counters and table,

I have pots of paint, mason jars filled with brushes, stacks of papers, tubs of gesso, containers of rubber stamps, ink pads, etc., etc.

It’s a colorful mess!

3 Responses to “Ho Hum!”

  1. Mj

    Your art adventures are my kind of heaven! I soak my paper or book pages in tea to get an old look to them. I’m glad your having fun in another art form until you can shoot again.

    • Suzanne

      I love to play with paints and all the mixed media stuff.
      I just wish I had a room (a house?) to devote to all my artsy stuff.
      I haven’t seen my kitchen counters or kitchen table all week!
      : )

      • Mj

        I would love to have a craft room or better yet, a workshop built in the backyard that would house all my crafting stuff and be a place I could retreat to when the urge strikes.


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