Random Tuesday

Hello, hello!

I’m not doing a very good job of blogging post-surgery.

I thought I’d share a few random things today.

•  Today is my Five Week Post Surgery Anniversary.  Yay!  Only one more week of The Evil Sling!

•  I find myself “cheating” and taking the sling off more and more – especially since it has been so hot lately.

•  It was 90F/32C at my house yesterday.  It’s just the very beginning of spring, right?

•  I’m gradually becoming more social as I feel better.  I tend to be an introverted homebody when I’m not traveling, but I’ve had as much “home” as I can stand these last five weeks.  Thank goodness I’ve been able to get together with girlfriends for lunches, and happy hours, and every other excuse I can think of.

•  I’m also finding I can do a few minor/easy things I couldn’t do the first five weeks.  Like brush my teeth with my right hand.  It’s the little things!!

•  Fred is doing great.  He loves having me home with him.  I took him to the beach in the evening last Saturday.  Fred got a lot of attention.  People and other dogs flock to him.  He had perfect dog-manners.  I was so proud of him.  He’s really maturing.

Fred The Newf (17 months old) enjoying the ocean view.

•  During a neighborhood walk, a young boy walked up to Fred with a dog he’d been hired to “dog walk.”  The boy wanted to meet Fred because everybody always wants to meet Fred the Giant Newfie.  The stranger-dog lunged at Fred AND BIT FRED!!  (Blood!!!)  Fred will be okay, but I was so angry.  If you have a dog who bites, why would you walk up to another dog like that?  And, if you’re a dog owner, why would you let a neighborhood boy walk your dog without warning him your dog bites other dogs?  And no, Fred did NOT bite back.  Did I mention I’m still angry?

•  I’ve been watching Daredevil when I have time in the evenings.  Honestly?  I mainly watch for the scenes Charlie Cox appears shirtless.

•  Now that I’m allowed to drive, and I’m feeling better, I might start making some trips up to L.A. museums.  I’m trying to come up with ways to keep myself amused until I can shoot again.

•  I’m also art-play obsessed lately.  I guess mixed media projects have temporarily replaced shooting as my creative outlet.  I wonder how long it will be until my doctor clears me to hold a camera?  Weeks?  Months?  I can’t wait!

6 Responses to “Random Tuesday”

  1. Michelle

    Well done Fred! And, seriously? Who lets a boy walk a dog that bites other dogs without warning the boy??? Why let someone else walk your dog if that’s the case??

    On a side note, I enjoyed your ‘amateur’ artwork the other day. You really are creative with camera and other media. 😀

    • Suzanne

      Thank you. I’m having fun playing with paints, etc.
      And you’re right about the other dog.
      I wanted to throttle the owner!

  2. Missy Stalcup

    A great boredom buster for you that I read on my trip to Mexico-then passed on to my sister while on our way back-now she’s passing it on to her husband! Page turner!!!

    The Life We Bury
    Allen Eskens

  3. Jenny Sylvester

    Poor Fred, and/but awesome that he didn’t engage and make it a fight. Wow!
    I’m guessing that kid was slightly traumatized too. Ugh. Horrible situation!

    So good to hear you are doing well with your recovery so far. Enjoy these days off – I just sense that you are going to get busy, busy, busy once your arm heals more. 😀

  4. Suzanne

    Believe it or not, the kid seemed oblivious.
    He just wanted to talk about Fred and ask all sorts of questions about him.


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