Three Weeks Post-Op

Today, I’m officially three weeks post arm/shoulder surgery.


I’m now halfway through my “confined to a sling” period.

I can’t wait to be sling-free!

So far:

•  I’ve been AMAZED at how little pain I had during the first two weeks after surgery.

•  I’ve been relieved “THAT PAIN” I’ve lived with for nine and a half years is gone.

•  I’ve been startled back to reality when the “very easiest” physical therapy hurt like hell.  (After two weeks of being almost pain free, I was secretly hoping I could skate through physical therapy with no pain at all.  Delusional, I know!!)

•  I’ve been insulted by people who know nothing about the damage in my arm, but make comments to the effect I’m crazy for undergoing another surgery and/or act like I wanted to go through this again.  Here’s a hint:  If you don’t have a medical license, and access to a person’s full medical records, you should NOT be judging.

•  I’ve been told, by my son, my biggest of 4 new scars makes me look like “a bad ass mom!”

Arm5 © Suzanne Haggerty 2016

The mark of a Bad Ass Mom?

•  I spent last weekend very discouraged due to pain.  I thought long walks would be good for me, but I think my arm is getting jostled around a lot when I walk which increases my pain level.  I might be walking too far, too soon?  Is five miles in a day too much?  My legs don’t think so, but my arm, apparently, does.  I’m going to try shorter walks!

•  The two words which keep repeating themselves in my head are “FRUSTRATED” and “PATIENCE.”  I have too much of one, and not enough of the other.

•  As of today, I’m allowed to take my sling off if I need to drive – but, I have to put it back on when I get to my destination.

•  I’ve taken two or three photos with a point and shoot camera, shooting RAW, with the settings on “automatic.”  It’s not much, but it’s enough to help my sanity.

Fred The Newf loves peanut butter!

•  I’ve been discovering new music on Spotify.  Ice packs accompanied by music … is there any other way?

•  I’m considering attempting some left handed art-play to break-up the boredom of Arm-In-Sling-Can’t-Do-Much-Itis.  I’m pretty sure anything I make will look like preschool finger painting.  But, hey, I need to keep myself amused, right?  Maybe I’ll get brave and try working in a coloring book?

•  I’m ecstatic and thrilled when various friends and family take me out and about.  It makes the whole recovery process so much more bearable.

**  This week I’ll be publishing a “favorite things” post!  **

2 Responses to “Three Weeks Post-Op”

  1. Denise

    It is sounding as though this surgery was the right thing to do and you are on the way to much less pain in your life. What exactly did they do, or would you rather not say?

  2. Gina

    So good to hear that you’re doing this well 3 week post op! Therapy can be a bite, but I truly, truly believe it’s the key to gaining function. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to do the assigned therapy at home~~you’ve just got to keep that end goal in mind. (I’m thinking 5 mile walks might be a bit much jostling for your arm. Can you ask your therapist’s opinion?)

    Shame on those who are being judgmental of your decision to have surgery…who the hell would WANT to have surgery if it wasn’t necessary? Those people evidently haven’t had to live with all you’ve had to bear since the accident and subsequent surgeries.

    Wonderful that you’re able to drive again! (Though it probably seems kind of scary.)

    Fred, Fred! You always make me smile!


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