Frank The Newf!

Frank The Newf (12 week old Newfoundland puppy) came home yesterday.

I’ve been so busy doing brand new puppy stuff, I haven’t had much photo time, but ….

Here’s an iPhone photo of Frank on the car ride home from San Diego:

FrankCarHome © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

Frank the Newf – 12 weeks old – a very happy puppy!

Frank is a landseer Newfie … that means he has a white body with black markings.

We introduced Frank and Fred gradually.

Fred was very excited, and happy, to meet puppy Frank.

“Can we keep him, Mom?” asked Fred.

The first day with a new puppy is pretty crazy.

Frank was VERY BUSY exploring every single stick, leaf, etc. in his new environment.

He finally got tired and went in search of a hiding place to nap.

Frank – 12 week old Newfie pup “hiding” under our outdoor staircase.

The first couple weeks with a new puppy are nonstop.

If I turn my eyes away for a millisecond, Frank is into something he shouldn’t be.

Frank is VERY mischievous … much more so than Fred has ever been.

Frank finally took a puppy nap after a few hours of  exhausting me  playing.

And, guess what happened?

Fred woke up Frank because he wanted to play with him!

It’s like having two active toddlers in the house!

I’m in L.A. today having my one week post-op appointment for my elbow.

The Newfies will be at home with my husband – having a fun day, no doubt.

I imagine they’ll all be exhausted by the time I get home.

(Especially my husband!)

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  1. Missy Stalcup

    The Newfie adventures continue! Welcome Frank.

  2. Sandra

    Frank is SO CUTE! Looking forward to hearing about his new adventures with Fred and your family!


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