May 16, 2016

Gray May has hit Southern California and I hate it.

If you live here, you know what Gray May is.

If you don’t, it’s a “season” in Southern California when the coastal fog is thick and hangs around nearly all day …

Thus, gray days   … Gray May and/or June Gloom are the same thing.

Last week, I saw my elbow doc for my one week, post-op, follow-up appointment.

He performed an ultrasound on my elbow to see how the torn tendon is healing and said it looks good.

For the record, I did NOT have “traditional” elbow surgery and my incision is very small.

Kerlan Jobe is on the leading edge of new technologies and my doc is one of only a few in the country using one of these new technologies on elbow tears.

Anyway, I was very happy to hear all looks well.

I’m immobilized for six weeks, but I’m allowed to have physical therapy on my entire arm now ….

Paul Newman is THRILLED to be spending more time with me.

My elbow hurts more than my shoulder, but that’s due to the (very similar to) microfracture element of my elbow surgery.

The pain should get better each day.

The tendon repair itself will take months to heal, as will my shoulder.

I did try taking a few photos with my “real” camera last weekend and it didn’t go well.

I’ll try again in a couple weeks … or, maybe when I’m allowed to?

(I’m using a point and shoot for all my dog/puppy photos.)

Puppy Frank went swimming in my pool a few times this weekend.

My daughter, and her boyfriend, came down for a big chunk of the weekend so they could meet the new puppy.

Puppy, Frank The Newf, loves chasing bubbles!

Fred and Frank have lots of fun playing together.

We have to supervise their playing so Fred doesn’t accidentally hurt, much smaller, Frank.

Frank will go up to calm, stoic, Fred and hit him on the nose with his paw.

He wants Fred to chase him, and Fred is happy to oblige.

But, Fred is BIG and we have to make sure they don’t play too rough until Frank grows and has a little more size.

Fred The Newf (18 months)   Frank The Newf (13 weeks) – Playing tag and chase with an empty Kleenex box.

Frank will not be allowed out in public until he gets his last series of vaccines in about three weeks.

I’m beginning to feel better now that my pain is decreasing.

I hope to be out and about doing more real life, adult, things beginning this week.

Life moves on …!

4 Responses to “May 16, 2016”

  1. Denise

    Erik had his shoulder “cleaned out” on Friday and on Sunday he said he was already getting tired of the sling. LOL It is probably a blessing in disguise that your husband has been home during this time so you can heal without overdoing.

    That puppy is so cute. How are you ever going to take both of them to the beach???

    • Suzanne

      One of my friends had that done and said it wasn’t bad pain-wise. I hope that’s the case for Erik and that he doesn’t have to wear a sling for long. Is it his dominant arm?

      Yes, I think it has been a blessing that my husband has been around. I could never have managed back to back surgeries if he hadn’t been. I also wouldn’t have gotten Frank because I’m still so limited.

      Fred is super well trained and no problem to take anywhere. Frank is much more hyper than Fred ever was. Training him will be more of a challenge and I imagine, if he ever makes it to being a service dog, it won’t be before the age of 2. He’s super smart though, so he might surprise me.

      I imagine, for the next couple years, just Fred will go with me if I’m shooting. They will both go with me if I’m with my husband just going for a beach walk, etc. Fred is no issue …. but Frank is a typical, active, mischievous, puppy. It’s a good thing he’s so cute because he’s a handful!

      • Denise

        It’s his left arm so he’s functioning well. He hasn’t really had any pain that Ibuprofen can’t manage so when PT starts, he should recover quickly.

  2. Michelle

    YAY for physio on the whole arm!! And I bet Paul Newman is enjoying being able to play with the whole arm ….. did that sound right???!!

    Also, our English Cocker Spaniel (now 12.5 years old) used to play tag with a black Lab when she was a puppy. Cassie (small dog) used to go up and ‘nip’ at Milo’s head (big dog), and run off. Milo would then run after her and bowl her over, and then it would be Cassie’s turn to chase. It was such fun, especially as we lived on an island and the time, so the sand was there. When we moved, Cassie saw another black Lab in the park nearby and tried to play tag. Luckily, the other dog was very well behaved, and Cassie realised it wasn’t Milo! It could have been messy..


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