More Newfoundland Puppy Photos!

I’m immersed in puppy life right now.

Fred and Frank are getting along fabulously!

Frank is NOT housetrained … so, that’s lots of fun.

But, he is adorable and very, very, clever!

Yes, I do hope to train Frank on everything Fred has learned.

It might be ambitious to hope for two fully trained service dogs,

But – I think it can be done!

(Maybe I’m crazy?)

First, here’s a photo of Fred when he first met “his” new baby.

It was love at first sight!


“For me?  I LOVE him, Mom!”

And, because everyone loves new puppy photos –

Here are several photos of (landseer) Newfie Frank at twelve weeks old:

Frank – 12 wks – With a wet face from dunking his head in his water bowl.

“Look Mom!  I found a nice bed!”

“There’s a baby in my bed!”  Fred 18 months old.  Frank 12 weeks old.

Frank “hiding” under my outdoor spiral staircase.

One tired puppy!

The most well behaved puppy is a tired puppy!

Thank goodness Fred enjoys wearing Frank out!

5 Responses to “More Newfoundland Puppy Photos!”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    What an adorable pair. Just too cute!

  2. Linda Tustin

    awww- such cuteness all around! I’m happy for you Suzanne! You will have a lot to distract you with two Newfies in the house! Congratulations to you and Fred!

  3. Julie

    Aw, I love Fred & Frank! Have a fun puppy weekend!!

  4. Michelle

    PUPPY!! Such gorgeous photos. And such beautiful subjects. 🙂 I’m sure they’ll have lots of fun together and hope Fred will help train Frank, and not forget everything he knows!! 😀

  5. Beverly

    More cute than the law should allow. I love Frank.


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