New Puppy?

Today, my elbow (with the torn tendon) is being fixed.

I’m not at all excited about it.

(But yes, I do want it over with.)

It’s really difficult to subject myself to pain when I’ve *just discovered* a new life of not living with “that” horrible shoulder/arm pain.

Unlike the big surgery six weeks ago, this will be an outpatient procedure.

I’ll be home before the end of the day.

(Although, I’ll probably need to sleep off the drugs for a  week  bit.)

If I can, I’ll post a brief update sometime tomorrow to let you know how things went.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know some BIG news!

Fred is expecting a little brother to arrive in, approximately, one week.

I had no intention of getting another puppy right now, but blah, blah, blah ….



The new puppy was named by someone other than me, but I plan to keep his current-already name.

Are you ready for this?

His name is FRANK.

Yes, that’s right –

I will have FRANK and FRED living with me.

For complicated reasons, I won’t be sharing a photo of Frank here on the blog quite yet.

But, I can tell you this about Frank …

•  Frank is/was “the pick” of his litter.  He’s absolutely gorgeous by dog standards.

•  Frank is a Newfie like Fred.  (I believe they’re even distant cousins.)

•  Frank is a landseer Newfie which means his body is primarily white with a mostly black face and black splotches on his body.

•  Frank has an ADORABLE white splotch on his nose.

•  Fred will be overjoyed to have a live-in playmate.  Giant dogs need giant friends.

•  I could have brought Frank home already, but I didn’t for two reasons.  First, I’m having serious construction done at my house this week.  Adding a puppy to the mix of loud noise, loose splinters and nails, etc., just didn’t seem like a good thing to do to a puppy.  Puppies need a smooth transition away from their dog-mom and siblings.  Second, my doctor told me my arm will be quite sore for a few days after today’s tendon repair.  Waiting an extra week allows me to get over the hump with my arm.  I realize I’m missing some of Frank’s adorable puppy stage by doing this, but I it’s definitely for the best.

•  I don’t expect Frank to be as big as Fred.  He’s much smaller than Fred was at the same age.  Also, Fred is much bigger than even “big” male Newfoundlands.  Anything is possible, but the expectation is Frank will grow to be a normal sized Newfie.  (Still a giant breed dog, but not super-sized like Fred!)

•  I did post a photo of Frank to my Instagram family.  (It’s a much smaller group than Facebook and/or 24.)  If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen it.  If not, I’ll have lots of puppy photos to share here next week when Frank arrives home.

If you have a chance today, please send positive vibes my way.

Let’s hope, by the end of today, my body is free of all torn and damaged tendons.

I can’t wait to be healed and busy living life again!

7 Responses to “New Puppy?”

  1. Michelle

    Praying all goes well with your surgery.

    Also, NEW PUPPY!!!!! I can’t wait to see photos.

  2. Missy Stalcup

    I just know the surgery will be a success. I did see the surprise of Frank on Instagram! He’s beautiful.

  3. Jenny Sylvester

    Yay for Fred! A playmate with fur vs. you. 🙂 Frank is adorable.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      Yes, I think Fred needs a furry, giant, friend.
      They will have a lot of fun together!
      : )

  4. Sandra

    Sending you LOTS of ~~No pain and healing vibes!~~

    Yay for a new puppy!! Looking forward to those posts and updates.

    Take care,


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