My sons have returned safely from a “boys trip” to Europe.

My youngest is here visiting for a few days, but my oldest son had to return directly to work.

I thought I’d share some random photos from my week with you today.

Fred and Frank play Newfie tug of war – Fred wins just by laying down.

Adult Newfoundland dogs can always get whatever they want just by laying down.

Frank with his stuffed duck – lots of fluff between the two of them.

Frank loves his stuffed duck.

He also loves Fred – the biggest play toy on earth.

GirlJrn © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

A work in progress in my altered book/art journal.  It’s so fun to play in my book!

I’m taking the attitude “anything goes” in my altered book.

Some days I may do serious things in it, other days I might use a page for paint color swatches.

I expect unfinished sketches, and a huge assortment of “stuff” to wind up in it.

I want it to be an eclectic mix of everything.

Even the silly …..

Monster © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

A cute little monster I made.


I have the ugliest feet in the world, but even my ugly feet look better with a pedi.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

I was feeling very “dotty” when I got a long overdue pedi this week.


Frank is still a brand new puppy, and therefore he’s exhausting me ….

Baby Frank at 14 weeks.  Newfoundland puppies are SO CUTE!!

Speaking of cute, here’s a photo Frank’s first human mom took of him with two of his siblings.

Frank is on the far left with the big white splotch on his nose.

By the way, the little white line going up his forehead will disappear in time, but the white splotch on his nose will stay.


Frank the Newf at six weeks with a couple of his siblings.  Adorable!!

I’ll close with that enormous dose of cuteness.

Happy weekend!

4 Responses to “Randomness”

  1. Gina

    Adorable, wonderful pictures! As the puppies get into full adulthood, I can just hear people say, “There goes that lady with two bodyguards!” Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    So thankful your sons made it back safe and sound. Moms always worry, no matter how old our children are (it’s in our job description.)

    • Suzanne

      Moms always do worry.
      My sons are in their early twenties.
      One is still in college.
      Basically, that means they worry me more now than when they were ten.
      : )

  2. Julie

    Whoa, cuteness overload! Love your pedi too!!


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