Reality: Inch by Inch

I’m trying to get back to real life.

I spent almost all of yesterday doing errands.

(I even went to the dentist – I have very CLEAN teeth!)

My “to do” list is miles long since I’ve been out of commission a big chunk of the last couple months.

I’m so eager to get back to shooting, but I know I have to give myself a little more time.

Eventually, I’m sure, I’ll get there.

In the afternoon, I came home to this:

iPhone Photo:  Fred The Newf, 18 months, with best friend Frank The Newf, 13 weeks

Fred and Frank have a strong bond already.

They’re VERY different dogs, however.

Fred is VERY LARGE for a Newfie!

Fred is a true gentle giant.

Fred’s well trained, and calm … most of the time.

Frank …?

Frank is The Instigator of Trouble.

He’s a hyper, rambunctious, mischievous, BUT ALSO VERY CLEVER puppy.

He’s VERY SMALL for a Newfie his age –

And, there’s a strong likelihood he’ll be a small Newfie even as an adult.

He likes to lay down on top of Fred.

In time, Frank will (hopefully) be well trained … and calm down a little.

But, right now?

I’m pretty sure my house would qualify as a zoo.

Frank has learned to “sit” for treats and to be fed.

He’s making good progress on house training, but I was informed he had a couple accidents yesterday while I was gone.

Now that I’m beginning to feel more human, I’ll be working to expand Frank’s training.

He has a lot to learn, and I’m not sure how training will go.

Clearly, Frank’s very smart – I know he has the POTENTIAL to learn.

But, he’s also crazy-wild and inclined to be a mischief maker.

Training Frank will be an interesting journey.

(Keep your fingers crossed!)

4 Responses to “Reality: Inch by Inch”

  1. Linda Tustin

    Awesome sweet picture of the two Newfs. Big and small- adorable together. Mutt and Jeff? LOL which one was the big one? Mutt or Jeff?

    • Suzanne

      Ha! I don’t remember, but I often think of them as Mutt and Jeff!

  2. gina

    So happy to hear that you’re getting back to normal bit by bit. Just take care of yourself, and be careful around the Newfs!! The pictures of them are just adorable:) Thanks for sharing them with us.


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