Sad, Pathetic, Haters

Leading a public life means attracting trolls/haters.

Sometimes, they make me laugh.

Here’s a comment I received this morning on my Update post which was written over a week ago – right after my elbow surgery.  The troll/hater ignored the subsequent posts including those about Frank, the new puppy, and wrote this:

  1. Lucylu(Edit)
    OMG………can u not think of anything better to write about than: your shoulder, pain, Paul Neumann, pain, how u 🙂 ave the best doctors and surgeons in the world, pain, pain,pain, surgery after surgery, pain ,more pain, your wonderful doctors and how much they luv you, pain, Paul neuman,pain,pain. Instead why don’t u talk about the huge settlement you received for all your PAIN!! Enough already. We get it!!! You have pain. So do a lot of people—they just don’t write about it every single Damon day of the year!!!!

Sigh, not only does “Lucylu” choose to hide behind a fake name while throwing verbal darts, she also doesn’t know how to spell or type.

By the way, “Lucylu” has the IP address:

She uses Comcast, and was somewhere near the vicinity of South Hill, Virginia when leaving the comment.  She uses Bing as a search agent, uses Android, and she has read 24 off and on over (at least) the last several months … my records only go back to January.

I ignore stuff like this more often than not, but I chose to reply to this particular hater in my comments section.  After doing so, I decided I’d share this with all of you since very few of you would ever see it on a post that was written over a week ago.

My response:


(Or should I have begun with “Coward,” since you’re self-aware enough to hide behind a fake name when you’re acting like a horrible human being?)

I don’t know what’s happened in your life to make you such a miserable, unhappy, uncompassionate, person but I hope you’ll accept my sympathies on your pathetic, angry, life – and deep rooted unhappiness. 

I did not receive enough of a settlement to even cover my first year of medical expenses after the car accident – you can’t get money out of a turnip. I don’t know what made you assume otherwise? You sound jealous over your incorrect assumption I became rich from becoming disabled. Maybe you wish someone would run a red, and you would have 11 surgeries, a life of disability, and excruciating daily pain … all in hope of getting the money I didn’t get?  By the way, if I had received the money you imagine, I would give it away without a second thought if it meant I would not have had to go through what I have for the last ten years.

(It has been a huge financial stress on my family to cover my medical bills – something you know absolutely nothing about.)

I write about my life. I’ve had two surgeries in the last two months so, right now, I’m writing about those surgeries and my recovery. You wouldn’t believe the number of emails I receive from people thanking me for writing about this journey. People who learn about doctors they then go to, people who learn about surgical techniques that give them hope, and people who live with chronic pain who know they aren’t alone by coming here to read. If you weren’t so blinded by your own unhappiness, you would also have understood my recent shoulder surgery was a miraculous success, and I am now FREE of the worst of the pain. I’m ecstatic and giddy over this and my posts have been full of JOY over it.

For whatever reason, you CHOOSE to come to my site and read – why?

If you actually REALLY were reading (without so much internal bitterness and anger blinding you) you would see I write about many things. Really, whatever is going on in my life. I write about my travels … like New Zealand in February. I write about my work … shooting in Austin, the California coast, San Francisco, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, etc. I write about training my service dog, Fred. I write about my new puppy, Frank. I write about photography, cameras, my favorite things whether they be books, movies, makeup, and/or other items. I write about my activities with friends and family.

As for complimenting the medical folks who have helped me?

Well, that won’t stop. They read 24 and I want them to know how VERY MUCH I appreciate them helping me. My doctors, nurses, and PT’s have not only been wonderful to me – they have become my friends. They have gone above and beyond their normal “duties” to help me. I will never apologize for loving them for all they have done, and continue to do, for me.

Instead of, anonymously, berating someone you choose to read online …

Why don’t you use your time more wisely?

I think it’s clear you need some therapy.

Your time would be much better spent worrying about your own sad life.


There’s no accounting for stupid, is there?

The Internet allows a cloak of anonymity for mentally disturbed individuals to act out.

Fortunately, tracking tools on blogs continue to improve and these type of commenters will soon be outed for who they really are.

19 Responses to “Sad, Pathetic, Haters”

  1. Julie

    Oh gosh Suzanne. I’m glad you decided to respond to that troller. Sheesh, get a life already!

    • Suzanne

      I probably shouldn’t have, but …!
      And yes, it never fails to boggle my mind when someone does something like that.
      If you don’t want to read 24, why not just go away?
      Why feel the need to make a nasty comment?

  2. Denise

    Unfortunately, the Internet has provided a forum for the worst of society to say whatever they want. I can’t imagine it makes them feel better, but perhaps they are so miserable, they don’t even know what “better” looks like.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, it’s true. People who act like this are very unhappy with themselves and their lives.
      A well adjusted, happy, normal, person would not feel the need to write things like this.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you …
      I know you do, too.
      It’s part of having a, somewhat, public life.
      I probably should have ignored and not responded, but I couldn’t help myself.

  3. Michelle

    As a regular reader (like every single post), I really appreciate and enjoy what you write. Whether it be about surgeries, medical treatment, those who are helping you with your pain and mobility, travel, PUPPY!! I’m sorry people choose to take out their anger and bitterness about their lives on people who are moving on and doing something, and sharing about what is happening.

    I loved seeing your travel pics of my neighbour (NZ), and love the puppy updates. Fred and Frank seem to turn up when I just need a little bit of joy. And seeing California and surrounds through your amazing eyes/lens is beautiful.

    So, keep doing what you do. Bringing joy to all of us who enjoy reading you.

  4. Margie

    I don’t remember how I found you anymore, but I love reading about your life. As a current lab mom and former Newfie family member (when I was a kid) I love the dog pictures. And as for your injuries, I am glad when I read your updates that you are feeling better. I have prayed for your last two surgeries to go well. I am inspired by your beautiful photographs. You are a very talented artist, and even though I don’t *know* you I feel like we could be friends. And that is a positive thing about the internet. Sending some love your way from cold Cleveland…where we are still waiting for spring to come for good!

    • Suzanne

      I’m sure we could be friends … in fact, I think we are. : )
      I appreciate your prayers and support!

  5. Missy Stalcup

    Sometimes you need to respond to unkind comments. Period. It’s like complaining about a TV show when there are hundreds to choose from-change the channel. I think you know how many of your bizillion readers appreciate your writing and photography so I will look forward to your next post.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      The TV analogy is a good one!

  6. Stephen

    I love that you punched back! Attagirl! And you are right, you just can’t fix stupid.

    • Suzanne

      There’s so much stupid out there, but thankfully there’s a lot of wonderful too!

      • Stephen

        It’s the wonderful part I like. The internets amaze me every day. 🙂

  7. Dorothy

    I kept trying to “like” all these comments so instead I am writing it here, “LIKE!”

    Thank you for being you, for sharing your photography and your furbabies and real babies, for being vulnerable and kind. Thank you for sharing your journey, I don’t know how you do it but I’m glad there is light at the end of this tunnel via great surgeons and therapists, all creating less pain and more joy for you with your family and your puppies and your physical and work life.

    It’s your life, it’s your blog, and you can write what you damn well please. No one knows anything about anyone else’s life except those living it and what they choose to share. You are speaking your truth. Those who write vile things only write about what they see reflected in themselves, so if they see whining and victim feelings, well, that is their reflection of self. They should be looking inward, not outward. They make the choices for what they read and say and think and do. It’s ALL on them and has nothing to do with you.

    I, too, don’t understand why people choose to read blogs they get all twisted up over, let alone say nasty things. We have free will, go somewhere else!!

    Glad you are doing so much better Suzanne, keep on rocking and rolling.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you! You said so many of the very things I’ve been thinking!

  8. Linda Tustin

    sheesh- hasn’t the troll heard that if you can’t say something nice-SHUT THE HELL UP!!! lol

    Anyone that takes a swing at you- no matter how pathetic has earned my animosity and scorn. You are an awesome human. You deserve better. (((hugs)))

    By the way little Dennis (I mean Frank) is very cute. Fred is even cuter too with a sidekick! LOVE

  9. Nan

    Sometimes there isn’t enough duct tape to fix the amount of stupid. We all know duct tape is supposed to fix anything:) Keep healing and some people love misery.


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