My Messy Life

Yesterday, I took some time to reflect on the state of my life.

I decided I need a fresh start in just about every area of life.

The last ten months have been extremely difficult, and disaster-ridden, for me and/or my family.

I’ve been hanging on, day to day, by a mere thread.

Everything that hasn’t been absolutely necessary or urgent has been ignored and neglected.

Oh sure, I always have the best of intentions –

Don’t we all?

But life has knocked me on my ass BADLY this last year.

It’s definitely time to reevaluate, take stock, and get my shit together.

It will not be fast and it will not be easy because my life is a hot mess right now.

But, I’m all about making improvements – no matter how long it takes.

I began, yesterday, by making lists, and lists, and MORE LISTS.

I don’t think I’m done making lists yet?

(Have I ever mentioned I really LIKE making lists?)

I realize a lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions.

I, generally, don’t.

But, now I’m about to begin a Get My Shit Together Campaign like no other.

Yes, there are several personal improvements I want to make.

I also need to tackle many home maintenance and/or improvement projects.

Cleaning, organizing, purging unnecessary clutter – there’s so much to do!

In addition, I need to develop a realistic plan, with realistic goals, for my business as I see gains in my arm.

I also have to set training goals with the pups – particularly naughty Frank.

In fact, there is almost no area of my life that hasn’t suffered from severe neglect in the last ten months.

I realize I can’t put my entire life back together in a week.

It will take time.

There will be setbacks because life is a series of constant setbacks.

But, you get nowhere if you never even take a first step.

Making lists of all the things I need to/want to address was my first step.

Do any of you need a mid-year reset also?

If so, feel free to join me in my Get My Shit Together Campaign.

Think about the stuff you’re behind on.

The goals you’ve let slip.

The projects you’ve ignored.

And, if you want to join me in this,

I suggest you start by making lists of every little thing you need/want to do so you can refer back to them.

Think how great it will feel to cross things off those lists!

Happy Friday everybody!

4 Responses to “My Messy Life”

  1. Jenny Sylvester

    Yeeeepppp…what you said!

    First, I need to remember to make the list…oh, then remember where I put the list. I think I need to get an organizer…and then remember to keep it in the same place. 😀

    Every few weeks I get a lump of items done and then another setback crops up. Feeling defeated? Yep… but every day I wake up I get a chance to accomplish something/anything and hope for more good things to happen vs bad.

    Happy Friday, weekend and end of June! May the rest of your 2016 see nothing but positive improvements for getting your shit together! 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      So far, I haven’t gotten back to finishing my lists!

  2. Kathy

    Ha! We’re in the middle of moving again (10th time in 6 years) and I really should have lists. But we’ve moved so often I’m totally lax about the whole thing. Because it all eventually gets where I need it to be no matter how unorganized I am. I know I should be making lists…but I don’t quite care enough to do it! Best of luck in getting your life back on track. You’re a tough cookie and I know you can do it!

    • Suzanne

      I’ve got the urge to move myself.
      (But, as of right now, no plans to do so!)
      It sounds like you don’t even need lists –
      You know what you’re doing without them!


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