Fabulous Friday!

I didn’t think I’d have time to get a post in before the 4th, but here I am!

It’s been a crazy week – I’ve driven a LOT of miles this week!

I’m feeling super motivated regarding my Get My Shit Together Campaign.

I’ll fill you in on details as I progress.

However, as you know, I’m pressing the reset button on every aspect of my life.

Understandably, I’ve lost my way quite a bit due to the surgeries, recoveries, etc.

Now it’s time to get back on track.

I had my 8 week post-elbow-surgery check-up this week.

The doctor did an ultrasound so he could get a good look at the tendon and repair.

The good news is my arm is healing and making progress.

The bad news is tendons get very little blood flow and take FOREVER to heal.

My doc has told me I have to continue wearing my brace for at least two more months.

(Boo!  Hiss!!)

However, he’s now okay with “light shooting” as long as I’m careful, take days off between shoots, and promise not to overdo it.

I already have an exciting, tentatively scheduled, shoot on my calendar for mid-July.

It’s something I’m super excited about, but I can’t share the details until it’s finalized.

I’m so happy to have a photography project I’m excited about to look forward to.

It’s been hard to sit on the sidelines for such a long time and I’m eager to get busy with work again.

On the personal front, I’ve gotten fat, out-of-shape, and very squishy having been incapacitated for such a long time.

I was doing a great job staying healthy prior to the surgeries, but my life’s been a mess ever since.

So … I’m back to making my green smoothies.

I feel so much better when I’m getting more GREEN in my diet.

It really does give me more energy, make me feel more alert, have fewer cravings for all the unhealthy stuff, etc., etc.

Several people have hyped Organifi Green Juice Supplement to me so I’ve decided to give it a try.


Organifi Green Juice Supplement

It’s an organic green powder supplement.

I’ll be adding a scoop to my usual smoothie recipe.

It will also be convenient for those days when I’m behind on my grocery shopping and/or I open the fridge and discover all my veggies have wilted.

In addition, I’m getting back into a regular exercise routine.

I can’t do everything I want yet, but … baby steps!

The tear to my elbow tendon happened last November.

My hope is that by THIS November, I’ll have put the biggest pieces of my life back together again.

I’m a work in progress!

4 Responses to “Fabulous Friday!”

  1. Michelle

    Yay for the surgeon’s report. And remember two months is only eight weeks!

    Have fun with the green smoothies. I’m curious as to what ashwaghanda is, I may have to google search…..

    And have fun with your projected shoot.

    • Suzanne

      Ashwaghanda is an herb ….
      Yes, two months is only eight weeks .
      For some reason it doesn’t sound as bad when it’s worded that way …
      : )

  2. Missy Stalcup

    Baby steps are still steps!!!! Have a great 4th.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Yes, I have to remind myself baby steps are still good.


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