Monday, July 11, 2016

My hands are covered with ink and glue.

I’ve tried washing it off, but I keep finding remnants anyway.

I can’t go back to work full time yet.

I’m, therefore, trying to watch pennies.

As a result, I spend a fair amount of time playing with art.

I enjoy it.

I have most of what I need already so I don’t have to buy much.

(That might be an understatement?  I could probably open my own art supply store!)

I had hoped for some swim time this weekend also, but my pool is now in the prepping phase so I couldn’t.

It’s going to be drained and re-plastered any day now.

I did manage to get a little camera time, though.

No Trespassing Sign – California Coastal Bluff Protection Zone

I did better this time out.

I shot about the same number of photos as last time I went, but it was easier.

I can tell my arm has improved.

(Yes, I was very careful.  I wore my brace, I primarily used my left/good hand, etc.)

I’m very sore, but that’s to be expected.

Hopefully, Paul Newman will be able to help me through some of that today.

Have I mentioned my PT days have been increased?

Yep, so I’ve decided to just bring a toothbrush and move into Paul Newman’s office permanently.

Why bother to drive home just to shower and return?

(Poor Paul Newman – how can he take more ME?!)

Stairway down to one of the beaches in Newport Beach, CA

I didn’t climb any mountains, but I did almost slip on some wet ocean rocks.

That would have really sucked because I’m absolutely not healed enough to sustain a fall right now.

For the record, I didn’t intentionally walk on wet, slippery, ocean rocks.

I was able to regain my balance and I know now to be more diligent next time I go shoot.

It was great for my emotional and mental health to get some beach/sunset/camera time.

The sunset decided to cooperate and be beautiful for me!  

My big excitement for today?

My new printer arrives.

I know, what a boring thing to be excited about, right?

But, my old printer hated me and I had come to hate it too.

Life will be so much easier with a piece of technology that actually does what it’s supposed to do!


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