PRP – Because Nothing Is Easy?

My elbow appointment didn’t go as I’d hoped yesterday.

I drove for over two hours to get there … which is pretty standard for L.A.

(If there was no traffic, it would take an hour.  There is always traffic.)

Things started off pretty well.

I was given a new arm brace.

My old brace has been on my arm for three months.

I remove it and wash it, but it’s become pretty pathetic.

They also fit me for an “under sleeve” which goes under the brace and makes it much more comfortable.

But, then the doc performed an ultrasound to look at the tendon repair.

And …?

It isn’t healing.

It healed some, initially.

But now it’s just sitting there NOT healing.

I was given a choice …

I can have an open elbow surgery with a very long recovery – possibly 18 months.

Or, try a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection and see if it will “jump-start” my body’s healing.

Tendons take a very long time to heal because they have such low blood flow.

Mine is behind schedule even by slow-healing-tendons-standards.

A PRP injection, in theory, helps with that.

I opted for the injection which I’ll be having from 7 – 9 a.m. this morning.

It’s not a fast procedure … you can watch one on YouTube if you want details.

(You’re most likely reading this post after 9 a.m., so hopefully I’m done by now.)

There are some negatives with PRP injections.

First, even though they’ve been proven to be effective, insurance will not pay for PRP injections.

(Mine will cost $1,000 and must be paid in full at 6:45 this morning!)

Did I mention I had $2,000 of unexpected car repair expenses about a week ago?

  •  Or that my husband’s car had $3,000 of unexpected car repairs at the same time?
  •  Or that I can’t work until I’m healed?
  •  Or that my husband has been unemployed for six months?

Second, PRP injections to the elbow are extremely painful for a couple weeks after they’re done.

(For some reason, doing PRP in the elbow is supposed to be much more painful than doing it to other body parts?)



I expect to be resting with ice packs on my arm for the remainder of the week.

I’ll give you an update when I’m able to.

And yes, I’m very frustrated, very sad, and also scared.

PLEASE let the PRP injection work!!

6 Responses to “PRP – Because Nothing Is Easy?”

  1. Denise

    Darn it! When things pile on, they can really pile on. I will send my very very best thoughts that the injection works. And it’s only 5:30 so there’s plenty of time before 9:00 to let my thoughts travel from here to there. xo

    • Suzanne

      Thank you. You’re always so supportive and I really appreciate it!

  2. Missy Stalcup

    7 AM- sending all positive vibes for the injection to jump start the healing process again. Rest up.

  3. Judi

    I didn’t see this until today, and very much hope that the injection is doing its job in your elbow. And hope no other unexpected expenses pop up. And hope your hubby gets some good leads on a job soon. And hoping you can have a restful weekend – just not having to drive up to LA has to help!


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