Sexual Watermelons??

Yesterday, I attempted to lift a watermelon with one arm while shopping at Costco.

It didn’t happen, and I admit to spending way too much time fondling the watermelons trying to accomplish this task.

(Eventually I used TWO arms … which I’m regretting still because – ouch!)

I was buying watermelon for Fred and Frank … both of my Newfies LOVE watermelon!

While I was hovering around the fruit department, I overheard a Costco employee discussing how to pick out the best watermelon to another shopper.

I tried to eavesdrop for a minute just in case there was a Secret Watermelon Picking Tip I didn’t already know.

(In hindsight, why did I do this?  I already know how to pick a good watermelon!)

The other shopper walked away and the Costco employee began chatting with me.

“Did I hear you say there are male and female watermelons?” I asked him.

“Yes!” he replied, smiling.

He then proceeded to explain to me “female” watermelons are much tastier than male watermelons.

He told me a female watermelon “has rounder curves, almost like a circle vs. the longer shape of male watermelons.”

Next, he described to me all the details of a female watermelon.

His description?

Well, it would have made a sailor blush.

Inside my head, I told myself, “He’s just describing a watermelon Suzanne.  Stop sexualizing his description!”

But, his description was very … sexual.

An hour later I was at home googling “female” and “male” watermelons.

Guess what?

There is no such thing.

I bet I made his day.  (!!)

By the way, I still blush when I think about some of the things he said …

And I just stood there nodding the entire time.

Only me??

4 Responses to “Sexual Watermelons??”

  1. Linda Tustin

    That is seriously funny! LOL. Now that fire I see on Facebook? Not so funny. Stay safe sweetie!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      I think we’re safe because there’s very little wind!


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