The Latest and Greatest …

I’m spending three days each week at physical therapy with Paul Newman.

Physical therapy has become my “job” for the time being.

My arm is doing great, but there was a lot wrong with it prior to Surgeries #10 and #11.

The recovery is going to be a very long process.

I knew that would be the case going into the surgeries, but the reality is sometimes hard to take.

I definitely get frustrated because I want my life back.

But, I’m a zillion times better than I’ve been (!!) in the last ten years.

Patience with the process is probably the most difficult piece for me right now.

Thank goodness, Paul Newman understands all of this (and ME) and somehow manages to motivate me into not giving up.

Lately, we’ve been working on changing my shooting style so I can, hopefully, shoot more as I continue to rehabilitate my arm.

Being at PT more frequently means I have less time for everything else in my life.

I still spend lots of time with Fred and Frank.

Fred is a total mama’s boy and SO GOOD!

Frank is still a naughty puppy … but, he’s definitely learning and improving.

I love that he’s wanting to snuggle with me more and more lately.

They’re both healthy and happy, and make me smile several times each day.

I spent an afternoon last weekend painting … and ended up covered with paint splatter.

I’ve been taking an online art class for several weeks.

Sometimes I fall behind, but that’s okay.

It’s fun.

It’s also a nice distraction until I can shoot full time again.

Today, there’s a crew of men jack-hammering my pool.


The pool will be re-surfaced this week with new pebble tec.

In the evenings, I’ve been obsessing over the Olympics.

I love the Olympics; I always have.

Are you watching the games?

I have to force myself to turn off the TV at night so I can get enough sleep.

Why does NBC show the games until after midnight?

And why do their announcers keeping making really sexist comments?

I think, perhaps, they should just show the games announcer-free.


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