Adventures in New York, Part II

In my last post, I was sharing my trip to New York.

When we left, I was out shooting the city with my friend, Neil.


Neil – New York CIty

Neil and I visited the 9/11 Memorial and The National September 11 Memorial Museum.

I’m absolutely glad we went, but it was a very sobering few hours.

Afterward, Neil decided we should grab a ferry to Jersey City.

We rode for about ten minutes across to Jersey City.

We stayed on the ferry and rode right back.

Most of the time we were just having fun, being silly, and taking photos of each other.


Me – by Neil Kramer

But, it also gave me the opportunity to take photos of the city from the water.

One World Trade Center and the surrounding area.


Me shooting – photo by Neil Kramer

After returning from the ferry ride, we walked several miles in the scorching (oh, so humid!!) heat.

New York City looks nothing like Orange County – which makes street photography a lot of fun.

The Streets of New York City

Life never slows down in the city.

At some point, Neil looked at his wilting California sidekick (me!) and decided it was time to hop back on the subway.

I took this as an opportunity to play with my shutter speed and have some fun ….

Construction workers in the subway station.

Neil told me when to hop off the subway.

(I have a terrible fear of getting lost on the subway and ending up in another faraway country with no way home!)

We parted ways shortly.

Neil continued on with his evening, and I headed back to The Standard to get ready for Canon’s 5d Mark IV launch party.

I’ll be back with more of my NYC adventures in my next post!

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  1. gina

    Thanks for all of the NYC pics! I enjoy them, as well as your stories.


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