Bits and Pieces

I went out of town for a wedding last weekend.

It was a really beautiful wedding and I had a fun time seeing old friends.

It was really nice to have a weekend away.

(And yes, I did cry.  I cry at weddings when either the bride or groom is close to me.  This is a really weird thing to do??)

Sunday, on the drive home, I stopped in the city of Westminster to visit Art Supply Warehouse.

I only learned of this store recently.

It’s like a Costco/warehouse store full of art supplies.

They carry everything imaginable, and then some.

In addition to an amazing inventory, the prices are WAY less than anywhere else I’ve encountered.

I was super excited to discover Daniel Smith watercolors on a half price sale.

I LOVE art stores!

(And bookstores too!)

Last night, I went out to a very nice restaurant for a mini-celebration.

It was great to have something positive happening … worth celebrating.

Wedding = happy occasion.

Celebration dinner = happy occasion.

Can I just say ….

It’s about time for ALL THE HAPPY THINGS!

In other news, today is my sixth day of dieting.

(But, who’s counting – right??)

OK, so I’m actually not “on” a diet but I’m being very strict with myself about what I eat.

(Also?  Mini-portions!)

It isn’t an organized diet with lists, or counting, or anything like that.

But, I need to lose the weight I gained through the last 12 months of surgeries, and calamities, and disasters, etc.

I’m not expecting overnight miracles, but I plan to just trudge along … and hopefully, eventually, feel more like myself again.

I’m only going to weigh myself once a week also, so I have no idea if my first few days have done any good.

But, I’ve at least started.

The swimming pool is done which is ALSO good news!

I’ve only taken phone photos so far, but I’ll try to post a “good” photo soon.

During the first week the pool water has to be “conditioned” daily, and then the pool has to run as a chlorine pool for one month, and THEN we can convert it to being a salt water pool like it was before.

Paul Newman has returned from vacation and is back to cranking on my arm.

(My arm needed him, so it’s a good thing!)

I hope I get to decrease my PT time a little in November – fingers crossed!

It’s really hard to have much of a life outside of PT right now.

2 Responses to “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Sandra

    So nice to see things are on the up!
    That’s interesting about the pool. I didn’t know a salt water pool had to be chlorine first.

    • Suzanne

      It’s nice to get a little happy news.
      2016 has been a terrible year for me and my family.


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