Mid-Week Update

Hello, hello!!

I’ve been a little scarce due to general chaos at my house.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m in the process of having my backyard swimming pool rebuilt.

It began as a project to re-plaster (Pebble Tec) the cracked plaster in the pool, but it turned into much more.

Basically, the entire pool was re-done except this time they didn’t have to dig the hole, and/or build the foundation of the waterfall structure.

It has involved months and months of workers in my backyard … which has meant constantly “managing” my two giant dogs who haven’t been able to play where they’re used to playing.

Anyway, yesterday the Pebble Tec (a type of plaster) was poured.

It is a HUGE production when that happens.


Today, the workers will return to do an acid wash on the new Pebble Tec and then the pool will (finally) be ready to be filled.

Frank will be so excited to be able to swim again!  (Me too!)

I have to say the workers have done an excellent job even if it did take months longer than initially expected.

The pool looks much better than it did when it was first built 18 years ago.

I’ll share a completed photo once the pool has been refilled.

In other news, Paul Newman is out of town this week so I have an entire week free.

My arm doesn’t love his absence, but it is giving me an opportunity to get caught up on all sorts of things.

(Living at PT three days each week, combined with all the surgery follow-up medical appointments, leaves very little time for the rest of my life!)

It has made me realize what a disarray my life has fallen into since my elbow tendon tore last November.

I’ve pretty much been able to do nothing … my house is beginning to look like it could be featured on The Hoarders.

But, my elbow surgeon recently told me (after looking inside my elbow via ultrasound) that the PRP injection I had appears to have helped.

It “broke” the healing plateau my body was in.

If things progress as hoped, I will hopefully be cleared on October 31st to begin using my arm.

(The tendon has to be 40-50% healed for me to get the go ahead!)

It won’t mean I can do EVERYTHING, but it means I’ll be able to begin the process of moving forward.


It has been a really terrible 12 months in so many ways, and (hopefully) October 31st will be the beginning of much better things in the future.

I know progress will be slow and gradual, but I can’t help but think ahead to all the areas of my life I’ve had to put on hold.

Simple things like cleaning out a closet and/or cooking regularly.

More involved things like shooting regularly and building my business back up.

I’ve gained weight and gotten really out of shape due to being so sedentary post-surgeries and/or not being able to prepare and cook healthy meals.

Who would ever think I’d get excited over the prospect of being able to chop vegetables again?

It may take a year to recover from the last twelve months, but I’m SO excited to begin.

Keep your fingers crossed things keep progressing and I get a good ultrasound report on October 31st!

I feel like I’ve just begun to see the slightest glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel.

6 Responses to “Mid-Week Update”

  1. Michelle

    All I have to say is YAY!!! for the pool and being able to swim again (which will help with your fitness), Fred being able to swim again (and Frank having the opportunity), and the PRP injection breaking the plateau. And praying for a year that is better than the last.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I can honestly say the last twelve months have been the worst in my life.
      I’m looking forward to moving forward!

  2. Denise

    So glad to hear about your healing. I think I am facing something for my very very sore thumb joint and the thought of 4-6 weeks off is stuck in my mind. I cannot imagine a year!!

    • Suzanne

      I’m sorry about your thumb.
      Yes, it has been a very tough year.
      I’m so glad 2017 is just around the corner …

  3. Tiziana

    Wishing you very positive news on October 31st! Hopefully you can enjoy the pool by then, and much more!


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