More Fire Photos

Helicopters were flying from “my” lake to the fire again for most of yesterday.

The flames of the fire are no longer visible from my backyard as I sit down to write this post.

The fire is still burning on the opposite side of the mountain … thus, the nonstop flights of the helicopters.

I thought I’d share a few more photos from Wednesday with you today.

This is what the fire looked like from my backyard fairly early Wednesday morning:

Cleveland National Forest fire.

I wasn’t overly concerned at first.

The fire looked relatively small and I know there’s always a quick response to fires here.

But, the fire didn’t take long to grow.

The brush is really dry and goes up in flames quickly.

The smoke and sky looked surreal as the flames crept over the mountain.

By 10:00 a.m. it was clear the fire was growing very rapidly.

I kept a cautious eye on the hillside knowing how quickly wildfires spread here.

All it takes it one ember being blown by a breeze to set off another area a distance away.

I have been near, or somewhat involved with, many California fires over the years.

They don’t faze me the way they would many people.

But I do have the utmost respect for them.

The remarkable thing with this fire is how quickly and forcefully the firefighters responded.

I have NEVER seen as many resources (11 helicopters, 7 air tankers) sent to a fire so quickly.

Fire fighting preparedness has been a big dollar political issue for years.

It was refreshing to see this fire fought aggressively from the very start.

DC-10 air tanker dropping fire retardant on the mountain.

The above plane can drop 11,600 gallons of flame retardant in one load.

That’s pretty amazing!

Bright colored flame retardant is visible on the mountain behind the helicopter.

Obviously, the fire fighter’s aggressive approach to this wildfire has been a success.

I’m sure crews will be in the area working for days to come.

I’m very grateful to them … it has been super hot here and I know conditions are miserable.

** Please have a safe Labor Day Weekend. **

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