September 29, 2016

I don’t know where this year has gone, but I’ll be SO glad to see it go.


•  On a positive note, my husband has signed a contract to begin working full time again.


He’s been doing part-time consulting since last February.

His new job will begin towards the end of October.

In the meantime, he has consulting gigs for a few different companies.

I’m planning to join him for one or two of his consulting trips because of the locations he’ll be in.

(I want to shoot while he works.)

I love to go places, so I’m happy about the opportunity to tag along.

•  In other news, my arm had a sudden setback this week.

I’m hoping that’s all it is … a setback.

I’m not very happy about it, and neither is Paul Newman.

I tell myself setbacks are a normal part of the recovery process, right?

•  I decided to be brave and weigh myself, yesterday, after my first full week of my Non-Diet Diet.

I lost five pounds.

I was pretty happy about that considering I was out of town “playing” last weekend.

And, I attended a celebratory dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club (so yummy!) this week also.

However, if you’ve ever gone on a diet you know the first week is “water weight” and doesn’t really count.

In my case, it was four pounds of water weight and one pound of popcorn kernels that are no longer in my cleavage and/or bra.

Regardless, I’ll take it.

My goal is to lose ten pounds by Christmas.

It seems very achievable since I now only have five more pounds to reach it.

I might need to make a more difficult goal … 15 pounds by Christmas?

•  It’s been scorching hot here lately.

Taken in my backyard yesterday – Monsoon clouds over the mountains.

We don’t get clouds very often in Orange County.

I get so excited when we do have them …

Especially the monsoon clouds like the ones in the above photo.

This is what it looked like at the beach (Newport Beach)  the evening prior:

Monsoon clouds make for awesome beach sunsets!

The road you see in the above photo is PCH (the famous Pacific Coast Highway).

You can also see Catalina Island out on the horizon.

Hopefully, next week will be a little cooler/comfortable.

I sure hope so!

(I know Fred and Frank are hoping so, too.  They hate heatwaves even more than I do!)

2 Responses to “September 29, 2016”

  1. Jenny Sylvester

    Yay! Congrats to both you and your husband! Whew!
    Hoping your healing and positive progress gets back on track quickly.
    Good job with the non-diet diet.
    I have been trying to lose weight and get my energy up… Several months ago while at the doc I happened to see a poster for their weight loss clinic and thought I’ll try the B-12 fat burning injections, primarily for the energy boost – guess what? Gained 8 lbs. …. and was eating on the prescribed low-calorie ‘diet’ plan and I had so much less energy and felt like a truck hit me. Pretty much every doc I’ve ever seen utters the words to me : well that’s weird. 🙁
    So… congrats to having found something that works for you! YAY! Embrace any positive change no matter how little!

  2. Suzanne

    My sister takes B12 … but I think just an oral liquid?
    I appreciate your support. It has been a terrible year – I’m happy for even the smallest of happy news!
    : )


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