Friday, October 14th

I’ve got some travel coming up soon.

I’ve been running around trying to get my life in order because I tend to do that before trips.

Sometimes, it feels like I’m preparing for a trip for more days than I’m actually ON the trip.

But, I’m looking forward to getting away.

I’m going to try to unplug as much as possible.

(I can’t take anymore of the political stuff right now – such an ugly election!)

Today, I’m busy with window washers at my house.

I also have multiple appointments (including a visit with Paul Newman),

And, a lot of pre-travel chores.

I don’t know if I’ll have an opportunity to post next week prior to my departure or not.

I’ll try to get a few photos up on social media, regardless.

I always hate leaving my Newfies even when I know they’re in great hands with house sitter friends.

I’ll have to spoil them with a lot of extra attention this weekend.

Fred and I both get terrible separation anxiety when we’re apart.

(Frank has a much more carefree spirit than Fred.)

In any case, I just wanted to pop in and let you know what I’m up to.

I know sometimes people become concerned when I disappear for a bit.

I’m okay, and I’ll be back after my trip for sure ….

And, if possible, I might get a post up prior to leaving.

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