Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe October is already over!

Yesterday was Fred’s second birthday.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Fred The Newf!

He’s the happiest, easiest, most gentle, and most loving dog imaginable.

I’m so lucky to have him in my life.

I’m finally back from my travels.

I was in Hawaii and it was, as it always is, just beautiful.

Morning walks on Maui.

It was hotter than normal in Hawaii during my visit.

I was told they also had an exceptionally hot summer.

Palm trees and beautiful beaches – Maui, Hawaii.

While I was on my trip, I walked, and hiked, and swam a LOT.

I was trying to work off the fancy dinners and drinks even before I consumed them.

I love to swim and the ocean water temperature was absolutely perfect.

(Swimming is so much less painful since my last two surgeries – yay!!  I’m THRILLED!)

A sea turtle smiles for my camera!

I love the sea turtles.

I never tire of watching them and/or swimming with them.

Sunset photos – Maui, Hawaii

I’ve already been back to see Paul Newman.

I’m so grateful he takes such good care of me.

What would I do without him?

My husband has begun his new job – yay!

And, I’m still trying to get caught up on a lot of things that happened while I was gone.

Tomorrow November begins.

I’m always insanely busy with family, and holidays, and year-end madness, during November and December.

I know it will get hectic, but I won’t be sorry to see the end of 2016!


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