Knock, Knock?

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately.

I can’t promise I’ll be any more consistent through the holidays.

But, I wanted to pop in and give you a little update and let you know …

I’m thinking about you even if I haven’t been writing.

I’ve learned I will need to have Surgery #12 on my arm.

I’m trying to come to terms with this news, but I’m not there yet.

I’ve kind of been walking around in a fog.

(I’m pretty sure the hysterics will hit me any minute?)

It has been one year (this week!) since the tendon in my elbow tore.

I’ve had two surgeries in 2016 – a “huge” surgery on my upper arm and shoulder …

And a smaller, less invasive, surgery on my elbow.

Because of my arm, I haven’t taken any big photography jobs since I returned from New Zealand.

And now … I’m looking at yet another surgery.


Well, a big portion of my elbow tendon has healed, but there’s still a significant area torn where it connects to the bone that has NOT healed.

And, in fact, that particular area hasn’t improved at all in the last four months.

(My doctor looks at it fairly frequently via ultrasound.)

So, this Friday I will be meeting with Dr. Itamura (the orthopedic trauma doctor who specializes in arms and performed my “big” surgery this year.)

Dr. Itamura and I will look at schedules and he will be performing an “open” surgery to reassemble my elbow.

I think I’ll be getting some more metal in my arm, among other things.

I LOVE Dr. Itamura because after ten years (and zillions of orthopedists) he’s the genius that figured out how to remove the vast majority of pain I’ve lived with since the car accident.

I know he’ll do a fantastic job on my elbow also.

The doctors have explained to me, this surgery is the only way to get me “to the finish line” where I will (hopefully) be able to begin using my arm again.

(Will I even know how after ten-plus years of not using it??)

I don’t know when the surgery will be.

I’m hoping I can get it over with as soon as possible so I can begin healing.

My life has been on hold for a year AND I’M LOSING MY MIND not working!!

Dr. Itamura tends to book up a long way in advance.

I’m hoping he can pull some strings and help expedite my surgery.

He’s been very invested in my “case,” but I don’t know what is, and isn’t, possible.

I’ll let you know more when I know more.

In the meantime, I’ll get posts up when I can.

P.S.  2016 sucks!!

4 Responses to “Knock, Knock?”

  1. Michelle

    2016 does suck!!
    Praying Dr. Itamura can get you in soon and you can have your life back. But praising God that your pain levels are so much better!!
    2017 is on the way and looking bright on the horizon! 😀

  2. Jenny Sylvester

    2016 does suck for you! 🙁
    Best of luck that this will be all behind you sooner than later.


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