November 29, 2016

My family and friends have departed.

I love having people here, but it’s definitely a lot of work.

I was able to do much more this year … it made me realize how much better my arm is than it was a year ago.

Progress is difficult to see on a day in/day out basis.

But, remembering where I was a year ago and where I am now was eye opening – in a good way.

Let’s hope Surgery #12 brings me to the conclusion of my multiple-surgery-journey.

The Newfies were happy with lots of additional attention over Thanksgiving weekend.

Fred The Newf – Two Years Old

Both dogs got “outdoor baths” which kept them clean for about five full seconds.

Frank LOVES the hose and will chase it all over the yard.

Frank The Newf – 9 Months Old – Jumping For Joy!

Fred, on the other hand, stands calmly for his bath.

My son was helping with dog baths and he commented, “Fred really is such a GOOD dog.”

He really is.

I’m so lucky to have him.

“Mom, am I done yet?”

Frank still has his puppy fluff and looks adorable when he’s clean.

Frank – 9 months old – didn’t stay clean long.

Frank is like Pigpen (from Charlie Brown) only in dog form.

Both pups have been sleeping a lot now that our guests are gone.

I think all the attention and excitement wore them out.

They better rest up …

In two weeks, I’ll have guests arriving for several weeks!

2 Responses to “November 29, 2016”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Suzanne I spent Thanksgiving in Dallas with my sister and her family which included 3 dogs, one of which is a 2 years old Briard. When you talk about Frank it sounds just like Larry-the muddy paws, the leaves, dirt, etc. and the playful nature of these boys. I honestly don’t know how you maintain your home with2 Newfies. More power to you!

    • Suzanne

      One of our friends has a Briard … he loves that dog SO much! : )
      Fred really is easy and not much work.
      Frank, on the other hand ….!
      I have a big backyard so they have a lot of room to run around.
      They also get 1-2 walks each day.
      And, they’re always welcome inside … but only downstairs where I have brick flooring.
      I can’t imagine if they were on carpet!


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