Thanksgiving and Update!

I hoped to have a new product review post up for you this week,

But, I just couldn’t pull it off with a house full of people here.

I’ll definitely have it up for you next week …. it might be something to add to your gift list this holiday season.

Today, I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I’m very happy to have all my kids here this week … along with some additional friends.

I’ll be cooking nonstop for the next week.

I ordered such a big turkey this year, I’m worried about whether or not it will fit in my oven!

I’m also hoping to enjoy a few hikes (with my camera!) while everyone is here.

Here are a few things I wanted to update you on:

•  Surgery #12 is scheduled, in Los Angeles, for December 27th.  My surgeon is going to be on vacation part of December, so that’s the best I could do.  I think it’s probably a good date because Christmas will be over and I won’t be “fresh surgery miserable” for most of December.  I’ll have family in town and available to help me.  It also allows me to get it over with in the year 2016 which has just been a despicable year.  (It will be my third surgery for 2016.)  I’ll be able to start 2017 with a clean slate … which is, psychologically, so much better than having a surgery in January.  I know it isn’t the simplest of surgeries, but I have more faith in my current surgeon than I’ve ever had in previous ones.

•  I want to publicly thank Paul Newman for being my biggest supporter, cheerleader, and morale booster for the last several years.  He not only figured out the biggest thing wrong with my arm before the surgeons did, he’s given me the support to keep moving forward on what often seems like a never ending journey.

•  I’ll be taking some photos of Fred and Frank for you over Thanksgiving weekend.  Fred continues to be the easiest, most well behaved, dog I’ve ever owned.  Frank continues to be a mischievous hellion … albeit an adorable one.  Frank sneaks into the pool for a swim every chance he gets.  He loves nothing more than to get muddy and come running into the house.  Sometimes Fred looks at me as if to say, “Can you believe the things he gets into, Mom?”

•  I’m still working on my Non-Diet Diet.  I’ve lost some weight pre-holidays so I’m very happy about that.  My goal now, is to maintain through this next week of constant cooking and dining with friends and family.  Then, I hope to lose a couple more pounds prior to Surgery #12 …. if I can pull it off with December parties and holidays?  In any case, my big goal was to begin 2017 weighing less than I did last September when I began my Non-Diet Diet.  I realize I’ll be recuperating in January, but once I get through the first few weeks, I’ll be all set to continue my Non-Diet Diet for a healthier 2017.  I’m so tired of these surgeries throwing my life into chaos.

•  My love affair with art-play continues.  I find myself painting and/or drawing in the evenings on a frequent basis.  I know I won’t have a lot of time for it during the holidays, but I hope to sneak in a few hours prior to my arm being immobilized.  Having never considered myself the least bit artistic, it’s still a surprise to realize how much I enjoy it.  And, every now and again, I actually LIKE something I create.

•  I know a lot of you enjoy my “Things I Love Lately” posts around the holidays.  I’ll try to get a couple up for you in the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll be back next week!

12 Responses to “Thanksgiving and Update!”

  1. Jenny Sylvester

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Suzanne! 🙂

    Thank you for the updated post – I was not only starting to worry about you – I really miss your writing and story telling!

    Fred and Frank sound like quite the perfect duo. ;-D

  2. Beverly

    Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne. I think things sound on the upswing. I know you dread the surgery but I think they’ll fix you up good. Can’t wait to see your art pieces. 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I hope this will be the final surgery and get me where I need to be.
      Big hopes for 2017 …!

  3. Michelle

    Hi, like Jenny above, I was beginning to worry about you.
    Glad you have a date booked, and that it will be after Christmas and before the brand new, amazing 2017!!
    Praying that you have a great holiday season with your family, and have a quick recovery.

  4. Missy Stalcup

    It really sounds like you are on the right track, surgery-wise, so I am very hopeful for a great outcome. I thought about you frequently over Thanksgiving as I was in Dallas and spent a day in Ft. Worth. We toured the Aman Carter and the Water Gardens and I could see the photo opportunities. I really wanted to get to the stockyards too but that will be another trip. I always remember your photo of the longhorns on the old sedan.

    • Suzanne

      What a fun trip for you!
      The stockyards are a lot of fun … but I’m sure you’ll get a chance to see them next time.

  5. Julieanne

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Suzanne, and all the best for the upcoming surgery! xx


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