Air Fryer!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a GoWise Air Fryer.

One of my friends has been raving about his air fryer (the same model I bought) for over a year and it made me curious.

As soon as mine arrived, I began cooking/experimenting.



GoWise 5.8 qt AirFryer

As background, I normally never fry food.

All I knew about air fryers was that they’re supposed to be convenient to use, a healthy way to cook, and create a “crispiness” similar to what you get if you fry food.


Crispy Chicken Wing – Cooked in my Air Fryer

I also have to tell you, I’m by no means an expert at using my air fryer.

I’m very much a beginner, but I wanted to share with you my initial thoughts.

So far, what I like most about my air fryer is the convenience.

Most foods cook much faster than they would in a conventional oven.

It’s also extremely easy to use and easy to clean after using.

(The basket the food cooks in is nonstick and dishwasher safe.)

I find myself using my air fryer a lot when I need to fix a meal just for myself.

Why heat up my conventional oven, dirty pans, etc., when you can cook a piece of chicken in 20 minutes with nearly no mess?

Also, most foods require NO oil, a spritz of oil from a mister, or (at most) a tablespoon of oil.

Using an air fryer really is a healthy way to cook.

But, I’m also definitely experiencing a beginner’s learning curve.

Knowing how long to cook things has been my biggest challenge.

The first time I cooked chicken breasts, I followed an air fryer recipe.

The chicken breasts came out dry and overcooked.

Now that I’ve done it a few times, they come out great … but I had to experiment a little before I got it right.

While I had guests here, I “air fried” a very large batch of sweet potato fries.

They tasted great, but they weren’t very crispy.

I was disappointed with the lack of crispiness.

I did some research afterward, and I *think* the problem was that I cooked too large of a batch?

An air fryer cooks by circulating hot air around the food.

Small batches of food seem to cook better than large batches.

One of my favorite things, so far, is to toss a medley of vegetables into the air fryer with a light spritzing of olive oil.

Five minutes later I have perfectly “roasted” vegetables.

It’s easy, fast, healthy, and tasty too.

I’m going to cook a whole chicken in it sometime soon.

I also plan to attempt fries again next week.

I think cooking some foods in small batches might be a hassle for people cooking for big families.

But, on the other hand, if you’re cooking for just a few people, an air fryer might be perfect for you.

4 Responses to “Air Fryer!”

  1. Jenny Sylvester

    I’ve never heard of such a thing, but this looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to look into this product. Cool Info!!! 🙂

    • Suzanne

      I think it’s a handy tool, but not a great one if you’re cooking for a lot of people.

  2. Missy Stalcup

    I’ve never heard of this! Keep us posted on your experiments.


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