Instant Pot!

Last week, I wrote a post about the air fryer I’ve recently begun “learning” how to cook with.

I like to share information about products around the holiday season in case you’re thinking of making a purchase.

Today, I want to tell you about my Instant Pot pressure cooker, because I honestly think it’s the best kitchen gadget in the world.

But, before I get started, I wanted to add one last thing regarding my Air Fryer post last week.

Right after writing that post, I attempted cooking fries again.

I used one large russet potato cut into half inch strips, one teaspoon of olive oil, and some seasoning.

The fries came out GREAT and they were very crispy.  (See?  I’m learning!)

One large russet potato made plenty as a side dish for two people.

(It was probably enough for three people, but … yum yum!!)

Okay, now back to the Instant Pot.


An Instant Pot is a modern, very updated, pressure cooker but it’s also so much more.

I remember my mom cooking with a pressure cooker (on the stove) and worrying about whether it might blow up.

Instant Pot is electric and has ten (!) built in safety features.

Isn’t everything so much better when you don’t blow up the kitchen??

It really is SO EASY to use.

(I’ll admit, when I first took it out of the box I was a bit intimidated – but that didn’t last long.)

I did the manufacturer’s recommended “water test,” and then I began cooking.

I can make steel cut oats in less than ten minutes.

I can hard “boil” ten eggs in 2-3 minutes.

Homemade soup is a breeze.

Ribs are melt in your mouth tender!

Butternut and/or acorn squash … easy-peasy!

(Seriously, I don’t even cut a huge butternut squash before cooking it! I put it into the Instant Pot whole.  Cutting a raw butternut squash is difficult for most people and impossible for me with my bum arm.  Fifteen minutes of pressure cooking and it’s done!)

Whole artichokes?  Never tasted better!

The Instant Pot has a saute feature so you can brown a piece of meat prior to turning on the pressure feature.

The meat comes out beautifully browned, and falling off the bone tender.

It even has a feature so it can be used as a slow cooker, and another feature so it can be used as a rice cooker.

Yes, that’s right, you can get rid of your crock pot and rice maker and have ONE device that does almost everything.

There are several preset options on it, and there’s also a manual button which gives you a lot of flexibility.

When something is done cooking, the Instant Pot switches into “Keep Warm” mode.

It’s a great feature which allows me to prepare something, walk away, and not have to worry about it.

Lots and lots of people make yogurt in their Instant Pots also.

I haven’t tried it yet, because for some reason, the very thought intimidates me.

But, I’ve been told it’s VERY easy so I’ll gather my courage and try it sometime soon.

Afterall, I love Greek yogurt, so why not make my own?

Cheesecake made in an Instant Pot is also very popular.

(Again, this isn’t something I’ve tried myself yet.  I might try it at Christmas.)

Instant Pot comes in a few different models and sizes.

I purchased the newest version in the six quart, most versatile, size.  (Instant Pot IP DUO60)

It stays on my kitchen counter all the time because I use it so frequently.

They also make an eight quart size for those of you who cook for a lot of people … and have the counter space for it.

(I’ve heard many people like their Instant Pot so much they end up with multiples!)

Honestly, I really, really, LOVE my Instant Pot!

I purchased mine on a one-day sale via Amazon – for less than half price.

They’re also available at WalMart and via the Instant Pot website.

6 Responses to “Instant Pot!”

  1. Denise

    I remember my mom’s pressure cooker. This sounds like something worth checking out. Thanks for the tip.

    • Suzanne

      I really can’t say enough good things about it. It has made my life so much easier!

  2. Judi

    I’ve wanted an Instant Pot for about a year, since I first heard of them. Need to keep an eye out for a sale! I have a pressure cooker, but this would replace that plus the rice cooker, plus the crock pot.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t think they go on sale very often.
      If I ever see a great sale again, I might pick up a second one.
      I use mine several times a day most days.

  3. Linda Tustin

    I have two of them. I bought the second one because when I go to the trouble to make bone broth I want to expend that energy only once. 2 instant pots make about 8 quarts of bone broth. I also use it to cook hard boiled eggs and artichokes. I have ordered an instant pot cookbook so I can expand how often I use it!

    • Suzanne

      I have the cookbook by Laurel Randolph.
      It’s pretty good.
      There’s also a Facebook group, open to everyone, called Instant Pot Community.
      There are a lot of good recipes and tips to be found there.
      I think there are some recipes on YouTube also?


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