January 31, 2017

Where did January go?

We’ve (finally!) enjoyed sunshine the last few days –

It’s been WONDERFUL!!

I’m still under lots of activity restrictions, but I did manage to enjoy a long walk at the beach.

Newport Beach – Crystal Cove State Park

The ocean was very aqua-ish and super sparkley.

The sky was clear and it was a fantastic day.

I took my camera with the idea I might be able to operate it 100% with my left arm/hand.

(See the above photo.)

But, it didn’t work very well at all … I was only able to take a small number of photos.

I got very frustrated.

I’m impatient to get my life back,

But, I’m not going to risk undoing/damaging Surgery #12.

I’ll have to wait.

Paul Newman said it’s a good thing my arm is still painful because it forces me not to do what I’m not supposed to do.

(That makes sense – really, it does!)

In other news, Fred and Frank got baths over the weekend.

Wet Newfies are happy Newfies!

They both look very handsome now that they’ve been blown dry and brushed thoroughly.

Today, I’m finishing up a care package for a friend in Australia.

It started as one item to ship to her, and it’s become multiple things over the last week or so.

I also hope to get some outdoor time to enjoy the nice weather.

I can’t even express how happy sunshine makes me!

I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else ….

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  1. Michelle

    Still a lovely shot. And glad you are not going to overdo it. 🙂

    Love the wet puppies!!


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