January 9th 2017

I’m in L.A. today for my post-op visit.

I’m looking forward to getting my stitches out and finding out from my surgeon what I’m allowed to do (or not do?) in upcoming weeks.

My arm still hurts quite a bit.

Hopefully, that will begin lessening soon since tomorrow will mark two weeks since the surgery.

Weather reports were saying today will be the worst storm in a decade for California.

Southern California freeways don’t move even if there’s a SLIGHT rain shower.

I imagine it might be a 12 hour round trip to and from L.A. today if weather predictions are accurate?


My college-aged son will be home for one more week on break.

He’s been a great help post-surgery.

In case you missed it on social media, here’s a photo of 10 month old puppy Frank trying to be a lap dog.

Puppy Frank is looking towards me as I tell him he’s too big to sit on laps.

Frank is quite a bit smaller than Fred.

Neither of the Newfs have any idea of their own size.

Both Fred and Frank have been very sweet during my recovery.

They make me laugh several times a day, and laughter truly is the best medicine.

My life continues to be slow paced as I “recover” from surgery.

My son has been helping me do a lot of cooking.

(He pushes the grocery cart, helps chop, lift, stir, and other arm-intensive activities.)

Our weather has been much cooler than normal SoCal winters.

Cooler weather makes me feel like cooking.

It’s been a fun activity to do with my son, and it’s great because what 20 year old male doesn’t love to eat?

I’ve signed up for three online art classes.

I’m sure they’ll keep me entertained until I can be more active.

(I already take an ongoing course through Courtney Diaz’s patreon account – I just love her!)

I’ll probably begin the other classes this week, but I don’t think I’ll spend much time on them until after my son departs.

I’m expecting a return to physical therapy this week also.

I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time at physical therapy than any other ONE place over the last ten years.

Oh well, everyone needs a second home …. right?

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  1. Gina

    Hope your appointment went well and that the weather/traffic weren’t horrendous. Am also praying for the pain issues to subside.

    So glad your son is able to help you. His expression in the picture with Frank is priceless!

    Enjoy the art classes!!


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