Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sorry, this is going up so late.

I’ve had an unusual week.

I’ve been “home alone” … completely alone (without Fred and Frank!) all week.

You’d think I’d have MORE time for blogging, but instead I’ve used the time to focus almost entirely on some classes I’m taking.

I’ve found myself falling behind and I wanted to get caught up without distractions/interruptions.

My giant (!!) companions came home this morning and it’s been a flurry of fluff, cuddles, and kisses.

Frank greeted me with ecstatic puppy exuberance.

Fred …?

Well, Fred glued himself to me and proceeded to “talk” to me for ages.

(He does this … not barking, but verbally expressing himself – at length – in a manner I’ve never heard a dog do.)

It was very clear from his tone of voice, he was complaining about being separated from me.

Afterall, it’s his job to take care of me and he knows it!

I’d love to videotape Fred having a serious talk with me sometime,

But it’s hard to predict when he’ll start talking.

I never seem to be prepared to video it when he does.

You might be wondering why Frank and Fred were away.

My newly operated arm needed a few days of no activity at all so they went to “camp.”

I felt terrible about it, but I knew they were in good hands with people who love them.

I also knew my hope of healing as quickly as possible demanded a few days of total arm rest.

A few days of being away = a quicker return to Newfie adventures with me.

Now that they’re home, I still need to be exceedingly careful with dog activities and care …

But, hopefully my arm has had time to “calm down” and my body will be able to handle it.

My heart is happy to have them here with me where they belong.

After giving me a long, happy, greeting we played for awhile.

Now they’ve both fallen asleep.

They’re SO happy to be home … and exhausted from their adventures at camp.


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