Fountain Pen Fun!

Last weekend, I went up to L.A. to spend some time with my daughter.

On my way to see her, I stopped at the L.A. Pen Show in Manhattan Beach.

A week ago, I didn’t even know such a thing as a pen show existed.

But, I’ve been contemplating buying a pretty fountain pen so I started paying attention to the pen world.

I write with fountain pens 95% of the time, but the ones I use are very  cheap  inexpensive fountain pens.

I didn’t want to buy a super fancy one – some fountain pens cost thousands of dollars!

But, I was interested in trying one that was PRETTY and a little nicer than my current not-pretty fountain pens.

Long story short, I decided to stop at the pen show before meeting my daughter so I could actually TRY the one I was thinking of purchasing.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived and THOUSANDS of people were lined up around the building waiting to get in.


I thought I’d be the only one there!

OK, maybe I did expect a few pen collectors to be there but thousands of people??

THERE ARE A LOT OF PEN NERDS IN THE WORLD … and I’m not even in the beginners league!

It appears mainly men purchase/collect/trade/covet fountain pens?


If you want to meet a man go to a pen show!

I didn’t stay long. I went right to the booth of the brand I was interested in and began playing with the pen I thought I wanted.

And … after asking a few questions, and playing with a few different nib choices,

I bought the very pen I’d been too afraid to buy online without first trying.

Franklin-Christoff fountain pen (Pocket 66 in solid ice)

I love how you can see the ink sloshing around inside it when you write.

Currently, I have a violet/pinkish/reddish ink in it as you can see in the above photo.

And, yes, you can change the ink/color of ink whenever you want.

I’ll probably try a blue/turquoise in it next … and then the pen will appear to be blue.

It writes SO well, too!

I really like it!

The only negative I can find with this pen, is the difficulty in finding it in the first place.

The clear versions of it go out of stock within minutes of being available.

(Clear versions are: Solid Ice, Antique Glass, and Italian Ice.)

I sort of wish I had bought two of them while I had the opportunity.

I like my new pen so much … what if I can never find another one like it?

(Currently, there is no available inventory via the company website.)

In any case, this is definitely my favorite pen now.

Do you have a favorite pen?

Do you like fountain pens?

Or ballpoints?

Or rollerballs?

How about ink?

Do you always write with blue ink? Black ink?

Or do you like lots of color variations??

I mainly write with black ink, but I’ll keep a pretty color rotating in my new fountain pen.

2 Responses to “Fountain Pen Fun!”

  1. Michelle

    I have sooooo many pens …… unless I need one to write with!!

    My preference is a fine tip ball point or gel pen. But also a slender body, so it isn’t too bulky to hang onto. Colors aren’t an issue, but I do have mostly blue, and then a lot of different color gel pens. My daughter has inherited my pen liking / fetish? so we have to try and get ones different to each other. 🙂

    Love the violet/pinkish/reddish look, and think turquoise/blue would look great too.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      I’m not really a “pen person” but I do have a lot of them.
      There are the art pens … some for watercolor, some for acrylic paint, and some for permanent archival writing. It isn’t that I love or covet them … I just need different types.
      This is my first pen just as an indulgence.
      I don’t expect there will be more, but it is pretty!
      And like you, I can never seem to find one when I really need it. lol


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