Random: February 3rd 2017

I spent nine hours on art lessons yesterday and my brain was a blur by the time I finished.

I think I overcommitted when I signed up for several classes in an attempt to “keep busy” post-surgery.

Two days ago I threw out my back when I, very awkwardly, attempted to lift something heavy one-armed.


I need to be wrapped in bubble wrap.

Between arm pain, and now excruciating back pain, I haven’t been getting sleep.

On a positive note, that means I’m seeing some stunning sunrises.

Sunrise in South Orange County.

We get some great sunrises in the winter months.

And yes, I did take the above photo, but it’s okay.

I’m perfectly capable of taking one photo … maybe even a couple.

I just can’t take MANY, and/or do a work shoot.

That’s okay, I suppose.

If I can just take one or two photos occasionally, while I heal, I’ll be happy-ish.

In other news, I discovered this week if you comment on ANYTHING … even by just making a casual observation –

People, or at least SOME people, will try to make it about politics and show up ready for a fight/argument.

Our society has gone off the deep end and it’s making me want to run away and hide from all the angry people.

Have you ever seen so many angry, hate-filled people?

I guess this is what we get when white nationalism, white separatism, white supremacy and Leninism (see: historical statements by Breitbart propagandist/conspiracy theory creator Steve Bannon) run our White House.

If I could disappear, and come back when/if people re-learn how to be nice, considerate, polite, and kind …

I would.

In other news, one of my good friends from Australia cancelled plans to come visit the United States (and me!) because her husband is from a South American country and they’re worried he would have trouble getting into the country once they arrive.  Also, our new President got in an argument with the President of her country (one of many allies he’s offended in his first two weeks in office) and she (and her country-mates) no longer want much to do with the United States  – a country they see as having a leader who “doesn’t value human rights” and “lacks personal integrity.”

This made me terribly ashamed to be an American.

I wonder how many billions of tourism dollars we will lose in the next few years?

Yet another friend had a planned trip to China cancelled BY CHINA … due to “recent increasing tensions with the United States.”

We’re quickly becoming one of the least respected and most hated countries in the world.

We’re alienating our much needed allies on a daily basis and embracing our enemies.

Like Russia.

Russia, who kills it’s own citizens who defy Putin, and kill innocents with no regard for human life ….

Russia is, apparently, our President’s favorite country.

There’s a lot of speculation as to why that is, but I’m sure it will be public knowledge at some point in the future.

Okay, so I just broke my own rule about never discussing politics on my blog.

I’ve never felt such shame about being an American.

It’s something I’ve always felt very proud of – regardless of which party was in office.

This isn’t about Republican vs. Democrat ideology, for me …

It is about being decent human beings.

I can’t accept hate based on who someone loves, the color of their skin, or what their religion is.

I also can’t accept a country where everyone’s at each other’s throats turning innocent comments and/or observations into a reason to pick a fight.

Last night I witnessed a woman who is supposedly an “evangelical leader” saying she hopes our President continues to anger and alienate our allies because “that’s why evangelicals elected him.”


This is what she wants …

For us to alienate our allies – countries we desperately need for own safety and security?

And she considers herself a Christian?

I’ve also heard several “Christian leaders” endorsing all the hate we’ve heard directed at anyone and everyone who is “different” …. whether it be based on sexual orientation, skin color, religion, etc.

Maybe I grew up in the wrong church, but based on what I was taught ….

I don’t think Jesus would act like these “Christians.”

I think he would be embracing the people who are most marginalized in our society and shower them with love and kindness.

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