This Is America Now?

In case you aren’t aware there’s a man named Alex Jones who runs a conspiracy website called InfoWars.

Our current president has often said he respects Alex Jones and watches him regularly.

He’s been videotaped saying so – you can see videotapes of his lovefest with Alex Jones via online videotapes.

Alex Jones is, along with other things, responsible for convincing many uneducated Americans that the killings of young, innocent, children in Sandy Hook were “made up.”  I guess he thinks it was a government ruse intended to take away guns or something?  In any case, it has resulted in some of these poor parents who have been devastated by the murder of their children to be CONTINUALLY HARASSED by Alex Jones supporters who want them to “confess” they’re making up the deaths of their beloved kids.

It is heartbreaking.

Can you imagine losing your young child in such a horrific way and then have crackpots harass you for years “to just admit it never happened.”


In my opinion, Alex Jones is pure evil.

He spreads hate, lies, and is quite proud to do so.

In addition to the cruel Sandy Hooks lies, Alex Jones also states the US intentionally created 9/11.

Donald Trump is an Alex Jones fan … and believes many of his conspiracy lies – birtherism being one of them.

In fact, Donald Trump primarily believes/gets his news from InfoWars and Breitbart which is why so many people in our country think, “What the hell?” when they hear Trump say outlandish things on a regular basis.

He does, in truth, trust information from these crackpot sources more than he trust the 17 intelligence agencies that advise him.

This week, Donald Trump, has officially made Alex Jones an official presidential information source/adviser to the president.

I am, truly, so frightened for our country.

Sometimes, it helps to turn towards our comedians in times like this.

To keep from crying … it helps to laugh?

10 Responses to “This Is America Now?”

  1. Stephen

    As you know Suzanne, I’m very conservative. A strict Constitutionalist. In my world, Alex Jones gets the same amount of credibility as Huffpo, or Salon, or Slate or Mother Jones… blah blah. There are fringe crackpots playing in both of the extreme margins of American society. In these dangerous times for our country, it’s important to stay off the shoulders and stay on the pavement.

    • Suzanne

      You know I have a huge soft spot in my heart for you and any political differences between us won’t ever change that.
      I come from a very conservative family, and I consider myself a very average American with middle of the road political beliefs. I am more conservative on some of my beliefs, and I suppose I’m more liberal on others … particularly human rights … which I view including the rights of women, LGBT, minorities, etc.
      I’m honestly relieved to hear you aren’t an Alex Jones fan … it goes beyond my understanding how anyone could be.
      I’m also glad to hear you describe yourself as a constitutionalist. My biggest concern with Trump is not a conservative ideology, but a seeming disregard for our Constitution and his authoritarian leanings. I can live with a sane, stable, conservative president. (I may have even voted for one before – can you believe it?) : )
      I am very concerned with an erratic one who doesn’t seem to have regard for honesty, truth, and the constitution. (I know ALL politicians lie but the fabrications that come out of Trump’s mouth take dishonesty to an entirely new level.)
      I hadn’t heard Alex Jones was a possible contender for a press credential which is noted in the article you link above.
      I think what we are seeing throughout the country at rallies, etc., is primarily a reaction to fear. I don’t think it’s as much conservative vs. liberal as people on both sides of the aisle want us to believe. Let’s hope we all get through this together and our country becomes stronger in the process.

    • Suzanne

      Jones is not an “in-house” presidential advisor, but the White House came out publicly to say Trump will now be consulting and advising with him. It was on reputable new outlets all over the world. Colbert is definitely a comedian which is why it’s nice he can make us laugh about things like this. He often takes real news stories and helps the public to find the humor in them.

  2. Tiziana

    So sorry to see where America is right now. There have always been and always will be crockpots and outlandish conspiracy theorists all over the world. But to see the President of the US endorsing them, it is just disheartening and frightening. It is a phenomenon in this side of the Atlantic too, with a British politician infamously saying that people are tired of experts during the Brexit debate. In my tiny island state of Malta, some members of the government were mentioned in the Panama Papers and are accused of money laundering from corruption on several government deals. And the Prime Minister is riding on the “fake news” wave every time the media mention corruption. It’s just so frustrating. And he got a whole lot of supporters crying “fake news” too.

    But I think Trump takes dishonesty and misinformation to a whole new level 🙁 I hope Americans can find unity at this time and become once again a beacon of democracy and put science back to the forefront of society’s developments for all of us.

    • Suzanne

      I find it so interesting to hear points of view from people outside the U.S., Tiziana. I agree, there seems to be a worldwide movement that is fed up with double speak from politicians. I am also, but that does not mean I can endorse conspiracy theories (“3-5 million fraudulent voters” etc). I also still value honesty and the lies and fabrications coming out of Trump’s mouth go far beyond typical politician lies. (I have yet to encounter a politician who doesn’t lie.)

      Like you, I’m tired of the term “fake news.” It isn’t being used correctly by almost everyone who uses it. Fake news is NOT news you disagree with or even biased news. Fake news involves stories like saying the children at Sandy Hook were not killed, but that Sandy Hook was a ploy for the government to take away people’s rights to bear arms. Trump constantly calls everything fake news because it isn’t favorable to him. It’s as if he thinks the media is responsible for the fact he has the lowest approval ratings of any president ever this early in their administration. Of course, he knows it’s REAL and TRUE information, but he’s hoping to convince the world it isn’t. He’s also trying to discredit the institutions who can expose him for his lies and corruption … the media, the intelligence agencies, the judicial system. If he constantly tells everyone all these institutions are corrupt, some people will believe him and *not* believe the agencies which help create the power checks in our country.

      It is straight out of Authoritarian Rulership 101. It’s very sad so many people in our country don’t recognize it for what it is and/or automatically assume anyone who suggest it is someone with extreme opposite political views. Personally, I am just extremely frightened for our democracy and that has absolutely nothing to do with ideological views.

      Sorry, for the long reply. I guess I should have written it in a post!
      : )

  3. Missy Stalcup

    Suzanne thanks for the Colbert clip. It was refreshing to find some humor in this atrocious state of our pollitics. On one level I feel as though I am reliving the early 1970’s during the Watergate years. It was all consuming on a daily basis and watching the crisis unfold was very frightening. Then as now, the newspapers and media are vitally important to uncover the truth.

    • Suzanne

      I agree, but I was very young at the time of Watergate and don’t really have memories of it. I don’t think Nixon tried to discredit and delegitimize everyone who could expose him though. Maybe he did to a lesser extent?

  4. Erica

    Suzanne, you are right to worry. Anyone who insists they are staying on the “pavement” or who decide to ignore “comedians” so they can support Trump, despite the fact that the fringe worships him, is obviously also a fringe member who hasn’t yet acknowledged it. They will learn, but I cry for all who have been attacked already because this man is our President. I know more will be hurt and few of his supporters will be willing to wake up until it affects them personally.

    This blindness is why horrible things can happen on a national and international scale and why they always will.

    • Suzanne

      I agree.
      I think a lot of people now understand how Hitler came to do the things he did.
      He didn’t run announcing he would murder people.
      Democracies are lost by fascists making power grabs … usually slowly at first, often by manufacturing “emergencies” to justify waiving people’s rights, and then accelerating their authority/power. I hope our country doesn’t get to a crisis point, but there is a very real assault against our constitution and civil rights already happening.


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