Update, Update!

I’ve been busy lately trying to get my life back in order.

I’m seven weeks post-op.

All the things I’ve neglected for seven weeks are beginning to implode.

I’m trying to tackle one or two neglected things each day.

I’m still, of course, not operating at pre-surgery speeds so many simple things take me a loooooong time to accomplish.

But … I’m making progress, and my pain level is decreasing, so I’m happy.

Today, I’m getting my hair cut.

Isn’t that exciting?

But, honestly, I can hardly see with my hair hanging in my face.

I’ve done a couple fun things, too.

I saw Hidden Figures on Valentine’s night.

It was excellent and inspiring.

I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Last weekend, I went for a walk at the beach.

The view during my San Clemente beach walk.

It was, for the most part, my first post-surgery venture out into the real world.

I ran into some friends and ended up spending a spectacular afternoon staring at the ocean, and getting caught up with them.

A few weeks ago, I decided to decorate my Instant Pot to give it more personality.

Ryan Gosling brightens up my Instant Pot.

I can’t help but smile now whenever I begin cooking.

I’ve also made a recent addition to my antique/vintage typewriter collection.

1950’s Smith Corona Typewriter

I’ve purchased four typewriters over the last decade.

One was a gift for my daughter as she began a writing-related career.

I’ve had two on display in my house … one doesn’t work, and the other works very poorly.

They’re very, very, VERY old and funky looking.

My new, pink, typewriter is the most modern in my collection – it’s about 60 years old.

It’s been completely restored and it’s fully functional.

I really wanted to have a working typewriter and I’m absolutely thrilled with it.

In addition …

I’ve *almost* completed a very lengthy art class I signed up for.

I seem to mainly work on art play when it’s raining.

When there’s sunshine I find all sorts of reasons to be outside instead.

Another storm is expected tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be able to finish up my class.

I have two more classes ahead of me, but they shouldn’t take nearly as long to complete as this first one.

What have YOU been doing lately?

Do you have a favorite movie?


Anything else FUN??

2 Responses to “Update, Update!”

  1. Jenny Sylvester

    I LOVE the typewriter! How fun! I was starting a collection like that when I lived in MN. I bought a couple of really old – cool looking typewriters from a farm auction and had big plans for a collection… and then… divorce, moving across country, etc. it was something I was unable to keep. Fun to see someone else’s collection items though.

    Trying to figure out where to start in order to pack up my house for a move across town and get ready to sell my house. Waiting for a few other things to fall into place before really making progress on this project so – basically, I just made a horrible mess of my living space in the meantime. 😀

    I’m telling you – enjoy these slow days you have because once you are healed I just know you are going to be BUSY.

    • Suzanne

      Good luck with the move!
      Once my arm is up to it, I’m going to pretend I’m moving just to force myself to get rid of lots of stuff!


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