California Poppies!

The hills are alive with … wildflowers!

There’s a “super bloom” this year in Southern California due to all the rain we got this winter.

Yesterday, my son and I drove across Ortega Highway ….

Leaving Orange County and heading out towards Lake Elsinore.

My original plan had been to visit Anza Borrego State Park in the desert, but my week just didn’t have enough free time.

I decided a shorter trip was in order, and I’m so glad I ended up at Walker Canyon in Riverside County.

I’ve lived in Southern California since the dinosaurs roamed and I’ve NEVER seen so many California poppies.

California poppies cover the hills this spring due to a Super Bloom.

In fact, when I was still miles away I didn’t realize what I was looking at.

“Why are the mountains such a weird color?” I asked my son.

And then, mile by mile as we approached … the answer became clear.

Wildflowers turn the California hills gold.

We ended up hiking way up the mountains, and far back into the canyon.

The views were more and more stunning the further we went.

It was 93F as we hiked and by the time we returned to my car we were tired and very dehydrated.

(Neither of us had planned to hike so far, but we kept wanting to go “just a little further” once we started.)

With the heat we’ve had this last week, I’m not sure how long the flowers will be blooming.

I’m so glad I had an opportunity to view such a spectacular display of natural beauty.

Please don’t pick the flowers!  (California Poppies)

If you live in Southern California, I suggest a visit but you’d better do it soon.

Also, I imagine the weekends are probably packed with visitors.

The prettiest sights are further along the trails though, and many people don’t want to exert the effort to hike back.

My advice is:  go soon before the blooms are gone, take water and sunscreen, and hike a decent distant back on the trails for the most spectacular views and blooms.

Most of all?


It isn’t often Southern California gets enough rain to make a super bloom possible.

4 Responses to “California Poppies!”

  1. Judi

    Thanks for the location tip! I also don’t have time to drive all the way out to Anza Borrego, and I love California poppies, so this seems like the ideal place to go.

    • Suzanne

      I hope you get a chance to make a visit – so beautiful!

  2. Tiziana

    Wow absolutely beautiful! I didnt’t know poppies could be yellow!

    • Suzanne

      California Poppies are our state flower and protected here by law.
      They’re a very pretty orange-ish color.
      We love them here in California and it’s so beautiful when you see them blooming all over in spring!


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