It’s FRIDAY and I Have Pink Hair!!

I spent most of my week trying to get caught up from everything I neglected while having my kids in town for a few weeks.

I’m *almost* caught up …!

My filthy car is now clean and sparkling.

Franks’ fur-mats have been brushed and/or cut out from his many swims/mud rolls.

The piles of neglected laundry have been tended to.

I even had time to get my bangs slightly trimmed ….

Pink hair for spring?

My hair stylist washed my hair with Viral Light Pink Shampoo (twice) to give my hair the spring-ish pink tint you see in the above photo.

It wasn’t something I planned for, but she offered to make me pink at no charge and I thought, “Why not?”

Some of you, who have been readers for a long time, know I’ve done all sorts of things to my hair/hair color in the past.

This was the simplest thing imaginable.

All you have to do is shampoo once for the lightest of shading … more times if you want to build up color.

It will wash out a little each time I wash my hair.

How long until it’s all gone?

I’m not sure, but I imagine not long.

I have low-lights put into my hair regularly, and they seem to wash away much faster than I’d like … and this color is “made to” wash out.

One “pink shampoo” would probably have been perfect if I was doing it myself at home.

But, I was afraid the pink would be completely gone as soon as I washed my hair at home the first time, so we decided she would give me two quick back-to-back shampoos to build up a little more color.

I’ll let you know how long the color lasts.

Will I do it again?

Probably – as long as it washes out relatively quickly so I don’t feel “stuck” with one color for too long.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to change things up a little.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Julieanne

    Omg i loooooove it!!!!!! And the curls at the ends too! 🙂


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