Summer in March

It’s been HOT lately.

(It hasn’t been quite as hot on the coast, but it’s been VERY hot 90F/ 33C back in the canyon where I live.)

A great day for a walk in San Clemente!

We’ve gone from months and months of un-California-ish rain to summer.

I’ve had all three of my kids in town and they’ve been loving the pool and beach time.

My oldest son returns to North Carolina today, my daughter is back at work …

My youngest son is here for about one more week.

We’ve spent a LOT of time swimming … even me – with my recovering arm!

There are no words to convey how happy it makes me to be able to swim again!

It’s been a LONG time.

And yes, I can only do a short bit with my arm, but it isn’t that painful …. just very weak.

I’m so excited to continue getting stronger …

By summer I should really be able to USE it!


Frank makes a big splash jumping in for (another!) swim!  (Fred doesn’t like to swim.)

I’ve also been enjoying some beautiful moon-rises from my backyard.

Each night the moon rises over “my” mountain and it never fails to take my breath away.

Moon Rise over my backyard mountain.

On Sunday night I went for an evening walk high up on the bluffs overlooking Laguna Beach.

I left my very hot house only to find it much cooler by the ocean.

In fact, I couldn’t see the ocean at all because it was covered with an extremely thick blanket of fog.

I hiked around for about an hour.

At sunset, I decided to stay and see what would happen.

Imagine my delight to see a sunset ABOVE the thick fog.

I’ve lived in Southern California forever and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

It was pretty incredible in a very unique way.

Sunset above the fog – the ocean is about a mile straight below the top of the fog bank.

Once the sun dipped below the fog, it couldn’t be seen at all and the “sunset” immediately disappeared.

Sometime soon, I’ll share more photos of the very unique fog blanket pre-sunset.

(Fog by the beach is very normal here, but this was … different!)


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